What is the streaming platform with the best design and interface?

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It is a declared war and there is no quarter! Streaming platforms invest in content and technology to offer the best possible service and thus seduce potential subscribers. Series, films, documentaries and children’s programs. There is material for all tastes and these giants do not give themselves a break. Is a new movie coming out in Netflix? Disney+ presents the new of Star Wars. ¿HBO Max premieres some of the DC Extended Universe? Amazon produce and share Tomorrow’s War.

In the fight for the streaming podium, we are going to analyze four brands: Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max y Amazon Prime Video. Leaders of this declared war and pioneers in an alternative that changed the entertainment industry forever. Today TV is enjoyed in a completely different way than it was a decade ago. Who did not marathon The Money Heist O The Mandalorian? Just a few examples.

+HBO Max

It has a simple design, where it shows the different alternatives with the categories included. advantage? Prestigious HBO content and characters from DC Extended Universe. Series like Game of Thrones and The Sopranos are within easy reach. They are working on more than 100 productions for Latin America to be released before 2022. A standard plan costs 529 pesos and has access for three users simultaneously.

+Amazon Prime Video

In 2016 the company of Jeff Bezos launched into the world of streaming with the aim of positioning itself as one of the leading alternatives in the market. The design of the platform is somewhat overloaded with the different options it offers. His own productions are very interesting. An example is the science fiction movie Tomorrow’s War. An unmissable series on the life of Maradona. Price? 533 pesos per month with three enabled screens.

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+ Disney Plus

Definitely the most attractive design of the four. The different brands within the platform have their own animation. Content? Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and National Geographic they have presence. Titles like The Mandalorian, The Lion King O Avengers they are part of your offer. Offers Premier Access with some films that are released simultaneously in cinema such as Black Widow O Jungle Cruise. The price is 385 pesos per month or 3850 pesos for twelve months.


The streaming giant and pioneer of this way of watching TV. Its design is a bit minimalist compared to Disney’s. However, it is the platform that responds best. In addition, its original series and films are of great quality. Titles such as La Casa de Papel, Stranger Things O Sweet Tooth. It has an algorithm that orders the contents according to the user’s tastes. The full subscription includes four devices at the same time with 4K + HDR quality for 1118 pesos per month.


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