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The Colombian series is based on a fiction that premiered in 1994. This is the main difference between the old production and the show starring William Levy and Laura Lodoño.

William Levy and Laura Lodoño star in Café con aroma de mujer.
© NetflixWilliam Levy and Laura Lodoño star in Café con aroma de mujer.

Among the productions that are leading the trends of Netflix, there is a Colombian series that took all eyes. It is that, in the first place, is woman-fragranced coffee, a reversal of the classic 1994 Colombian telenovela which narrates the love story between Seagull and Sebastian. What are the differences with the original version? Here we tell you everything you need to know!

With a season of 88 episodes, approximately 45 minutes each, the strip knew how to dethrone The Queen of Flow and become the main attraction for users in recent weeks. And although it is a true success, the title must recognize everything to that show that arrived 27 years ago. It was through the so-called Channel A, which was broadcast for the first time under the creation of Fernando Gaitán, the script by Margarita Tiria and the direction of Pepe Sánchez and Clara Inés Enciso.

What was it about? It is very similar to what Netflix presents, since its protagonist is a coffee picker who travels through Colombia in search of the harvest. In one of the haciendas, the owner’s grandson appears to steal her heart and start a love story where anything can happen. In the red N, the romantic drama stars William Levy, Laura Lodoño, Carmen Villalobos and Diego Cadavid, among others.

However, the original version had a very different cast. In the main roles were Margaret Rose of Francis as Teresa Gaviota Suarez, Guy Ecker as Sebastian Vallejo Cortez, Alexandra Borrero as Lucia Sandoval Falcon de Vallejo, Christopher Errazuriz as Iván Vallejo Sáenz, Sylvia of God as Lucrecia Rivas de Vallejo and Constance Duke like Carmenza Suárez, among other Colombian actors who converted woman-fragranced coffee in an engaging soap opera.

And although they are very similar, they have a fundamental difference. It is that the series, much more modern, eliminated from the plot the moment in which Gaviota is kidnapped by a human trafficking network in order to deceive her and involve her in prostitution in Paris, letting Sebastián lose track of the leading character. Undoubtedly, it is a deep story that managed to capture the attention of Latin American subscribers of the streaming service.

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