What kind of game will Redfall be? Test footage of the game leaked

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What kind of game will Redfall be?  Test footage of the game leaked

Images of the gameplay test of Redfall, developed for Xbox Series X / S by Arkane Studios, which made Dishonored and Deathloop, seem to have leaked.

The now-deleted leaked images shared on TheRedFall subreddit on Reddit reveal that the game is adorned with Borderlands and Dishonored-like abilities, as well as weapons and heroes in the game. kidaXV Other Reddit users, such as Reddit, shared it again after the images were removed and shared the text in the first message with the readers.

Two of the weapons seen in the pictures are named UV Beam M01 and Stake Launcher M02 and seem to be effective against vampires. Apart from these weapons, there are also attachments and information about the weapon.

For example, the UV Beam has a “point” of 5384, has a high rate of fire and a low reload speed, with a magazine capacity of 65. The weapon also has “additional charge capacity”, “increased accuracy on the go” and “increased petrification speed”. The weapon also has a “scrap value”, which we think is the currency in Redfall.

The weapon appears at five rarity levels. The gear selection screen also shows that each character can choose three different weapons and one armor, one health kit, remnants, and relics (memento). The game test features six heroes, each with three abilities.

It should be emphasized that the pictures in question belong to the early stages of the development of the game. It should also be kept in mind that the weapons may look and be slightly different in the final version of the game to be released. Games are constantly evolving throughout their development, and while it’s exciting to see new frames from a highly anticipated game, it’s always good to keep expectations limited.

Redfall was announced at E3 2021 and it turned out to be an open world FPS game about vampires that emerged as a result of a problematic experiment.

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