What Leisure Time Looks Like for Your Favorite Indian Movie Stars 

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Being a movie star is not all about looking glamorous for the camera. A lot of man-hours go into making the box office classics we like so much. 

When they are off the set, the stars like to indulge in hobbies and interests to help them blow off steam. After a grueling schedule, time with friends, partying, or traveling is well deserved. 

Here are five Bollywood stars and what they do in their free time.

Amir Khan

Amir Khan is one of the staples in Bollywood, having starred in many big hits like ‘Dangal,’ ‘3 Idiots,’ and ‘Dhoom 3,’ among others. While we may know him for his thrilling performances when the camera is rolling, Khan is also known for his love for family. When he is not on the set, the actor devotes his time to his son and daughter. 

When not with family, Khan will dabble in a bit of casual wagering, as he is a good poker player. Khan has been around the world and never passes the chance to enjoy a new casino. He is also reported to host the occasional card-game party at his Union Park bungalow.


This veteran star of the silver screen has cemented his place among the greats if we are talking about the Indian movie scene. With classics like ‘Mawaali’ under his belt, the actor is one of the household names to come out of Bollywood. 

Jeetendra, even as an 80-year-old man, is not slowing down. He enjoys his free time traveling and enjoying quality time with his family. The iconic actor has also been hitting the gym and was keen to show off his physique as he celebrated his 80th birthday. 

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Minissha Lamba 

Looking through Bollywood for celebrities that like wagering, we found the beloved Minissha Lamba. This versatile actress has been cast in instant classics like ‘Yahaan,’ ‘Well Done Abba,’ and ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno.’ 

Acting is not the only skill she possesses, as she also boasts expert poker skills. Minissha has been part of poker tournaments held in India, like the Indian Poker Championship and the Deltin Poker Tournament. She was also part of the WPT500 Aria Poker Tournament held in Las Vegas in 2017. In the tournament, she ranked as the third-best female poker player in India. 

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Akshay Kumar

Some of you may know Akshay Kumar as one of the wealthiest Bollywood actors. He is also an accomplished martial artist. Performances in films like Airlift,’ ‘Hera Pheri,’ and ‘Raksha Bandhan’ have placed him among the A-list actors in the industry. 

Aside from his passion and talent for acting, Akshay Kumar also enjoys a good fitness workout. Being a well-trained martial artist, Akshay will often be caught polishing his skills at the gym or at home. Time with family is yet another way Akshay enjoys his downtime. He recently took his mother on an overseas trip for her 80th birthday.

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Herman Baweja

Herman Baweja made his debut in Bollywood playing a protagonist doctor and has since carved an enviable reputation as one of the best in the industry. His immaculate acting was showcased in its full glory on the 2008 release, ‘Love Story 2050.’

Aside from acting, Baweja is known to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and camping with friends and family. With the Indian economy recording a 13.5% growth in the first fiscal quarter, things are booming, meaning the hospitality industry is doing well. Baweja is well known for his travels to different locations and regularly posts on Instagram. 


Celebrities may seem larger than life, but they also look forward to hobbies, quality time with loved ones, and activities that help them take their mind off things. We often expect celebrities to look glamorous all the time. You would be surprised to learn of the funny, daring, and quirky things they are up to when off the clock.   

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