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What Nosferatu Looks Like in Reality

What Nosferatu Looks Like in Reality

After Max Schreck and Klaus Kinski set the bar for Nosferatu, screen legend Willem Dafoe offered audiences his unique take on the vampire character. In 2000, Dafoe starred in “Shadow of the Vampire,” a fictional portrayal of the making of the original “Nosferatu.” Dafoe plays Count Orlok actor Schreck, with the twist that Schreck himself is actually a vampire, tasked by director F. W. Murnau, played by John Malkovich, to portray a vampire in his upcoming film. It’s a zany and extremely fun premise that operates as a “fake” biopic.

Dafoe, who is notably shorter than Schreck, standing at just under 5’9″, received critical acclaim for his performance, even garnering an Oscar nomination. Playing the dual roles of Schreck and Nosferatu was no small feat for Dafoe, but he had all the support he needed. “I wasn’t sure [how to play Schreck]. But I knew that there was a model of the original, so that gave me something,” the Green Goblin actor revealed to He added, “And I knew I am going to be wearing makeup that will make me look like the Max Schreck in the film as much as possible.”

“Shadow of the Vampire” is available to rent on digital platforms like Amazon Prime Video.