What piece has the Apple Watch series 7 lost compared to the previous ones?

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Normally, from one model of electronic device to another there are usually changes, more internally than externally in the field of a series of mobiles, tablets or smart watches. Changes that maybe if they do not tell you, or realize it at the beginning, as it will surely happen today to a part of the ‘early adopters’ of the new Apple Watch Series 7, which goes on sale today with a change in its design that has brought with it the elimination of a piece: A port for diagnostics.

Apple Watch Series 7

Last month, FCC files revealed that Apple Watch Series 7 models are equipped with a new module that enables wireless data transfer at 60.5 GHz. This module is not advertised on Apple’s website and may that is only for internal company use.

Yesterday, the MacRumors site confirmed with Dieter Bohn from The Verge website and others who the Apple Watch Series 7 lacks a hidden diagnostic port, a port that was in the bottom strap slot on all previous Apple Watch models. Apple used the port with diagnostic purposes when servicing an Apple Watch, such as for restore watchOS through a wired connection with a special tool.

The port that Apple Watch no longer have as of 7

The lack of a diagnostic port on Apple Watch Series 7 models probably explains the addition of the 60.5 GHz wireless data transfer module.. FCC files indicate that the module is only activated when the Apple Watch is placed in a proprietary magnetic base with the corresponding 60.5 GHz module, so it appears that Apple could use this base to perform diagnostics or restore watchOS from wirelessly on Series 7 models.

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Wireless charging and diagnostics

It is also worth noting that the 7 Series models feature IP6X rated dust resistance, so perhaps the removal of the diagnostic port has been a help to some extent for this new rating.

Today October 15 is when the Series 7 is available in stores and will begin to reach those who had it reserved. Key features include larger displays with 41mm and 45mm case sizes, increased durability with IP6X rated dust resistance, up to 33% faster charging with an included USB-C fast charging cable, and new colors of aluminum.


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