what really happened to the Kingpin after the last episode of the series

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Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe enjoyed this Wednesday the last episode of the series of Hawkeye on the streaming service Disney+. A week ago it was officially revealed that Vincent D’Onofrio returned to play Kingpin, as I had already done in Daredevil, but the general public was taken aback by what happened in the finale.

Today’s chapter, called “So this is Christmas”, began by introducing us directly to Wilson Fisk, who appears to be in league with Eleanor, Kate Bishop’s mother, for many years over a debt. There we discover that the mother of the protagonist was the one who murdered Armand Duquesne III, framed her fiancé Jack and hired the mob to eliminate Clint Barton.

Once she sees that Kate is involved, the woman tries to break ties with Kingpin, but this one assures him that it will not be easy at all. Meanwhile, the villain is reunited with Maya lopez, who now knows that his father died because of the man who was his mentor and turns against him. However, the matter with Eleanor seems more important and he goes after her to continue the relationship.

After a fight with Kate, Fisk He manages to escape from the toy store where the meeting had taken place and goes to the mafia trucks that were waiting for him. By way of surprise, Maya reappears to confront him about the death of his father and from one moment to another take out a gun and aim at the D’Onofrio character. Listening the noise of a gunshotBut at the same time the camera goes up and we can’t see if anyone was hurt.

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+ What happened to Kingpin?

The big question from fans is if Kingpin died in that last scene. At the moment this has not been confirmed, although It would be strange if the Marvel Cinematic Universe welcomed this great character for just two episodes of a series, so it is believed that it survived and will be part of more projects of the franchise. Recently it became known that Charlie Cox will return as Daredevil and being the main villain of his story there could be more chapters in the future, in addition to that he will surely be present in the Echo series on Disney +.

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