What should I take into account to invest in the Stock Market?

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Are you thinking of investing in ? To enter the world of investments, it is not necessary to be a senior executive or to disburse large sums of money, but you must take into consideration the recommendations that this note brings.

Investing in the stock market is deciding to put money in a company in exchange for a number of shares, which makes you a part owner of that company. You can then sell those shares at a higher or lower price, thus making a profit or loss. At the same time, as long as you hold these shares, you can also receive quarterly, semi-annual or annual profits, along with the other shareholders.

Any entrepreneur with a little capital can become an investor in the Lima Stock Exchange or abroad; and buying or selling shares of companies of different types and sizes.

“The people who have accumulated large sums of money are the ones who have invested wisely in buying shares of companies that have been very successful. Because if you know how to invest in it, you can have exceptional profitability “, explains Melvin Escudero, a professor at Pacífico Business School.

But how can I have a return if I don’t know how to invest or know a lot about finances? The specialist gives you some steps to follow.

Here are some recommendations for entering the world of investing in stocks:

If you can invest in foreign companies through the Lima Stock Exchange (BVL). There is a list of Foreign Securities that can be traded from Peru. To do this, you must bear in mind that for each Foreign Security there is a promoter agent, that is, a SAB in charge of carrying out the operations of said security. to find the list of Foreign Securities in terms of Shares, ETF’s and Bonds.

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According to Melvin Escudero, professor at Pacífico Business School, this is how you should invest according to age ranges:

If you don’t know much about investing in stocks, investing in mutual funds is recommended. Melvin Escudero, a professor at Pacífico Business School, explains that people can find companies that can manage their money through ETFs. “They are in charge of managing and diversifying your money in several in various companies around the world. There are active and passive mutual funds ETFs in Peru, where there are the 15 best companies in the country to invest in, ”he explains. He mentions that in this case the commissions are lower and the minimum investment required is 10 dollars, but he emphasizes that it is advisable to invest at least US $ 100.

Both are negotiable securities, however, when you buy an ETF you are investing in a basket of assets (stocks, bonds, currencies, etc.) corresponding to its reference index; Instead, a stock represents a fraction of a specific company. In other words, an ETF provides a diversified investment and a stock a single-asset-focused investment.

The time to see the return on the investment depends on the type of investment you make in the stock market. Remember that investments must be made with a view to the medium or long term. It is important, according to the Lima Stock Exchange, that you are aware that any investment you make in the stock market is similar to the sowing season, since you must spend a prudent time to be able to harvest and, even more, know when it will be the exact moment. It is important to know how to wait.

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To choose a Society of Stockbrokers (SAB) you must carry out your own research on each one of them and evaluate which one is the one that suits your needs. Some factors that you can take into account when choosing a SAB are:

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