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What SZA Looks Like Without Makeup

What SZA Looks Like Without Makeup

SZA’s stunning, makeup-free snaps prove that she’s a natural beauty. The “Snooze” hitmaker took to Instagram in January 2024 to share a carousel of photos featuring her flawless, gorgeously glowing skin while she enjoyed the great outdoors. “How u always look this fine,” a fan wondered in response to her post. One snap captures SZA in her most natural state while lounging in comfy clothes with her hair down and minimal, if any, makeup.

Another shows her all smiles on a vast field, rocking a completely bare face and a shorter hairstyle. “It’s unfair how beautiful you are,” another commenter jokingly complained. In 2022, SZA also opted to keep things real as she posted another stunning makeup-free selfie on her Instagram feed, proving the R&B singer is unashamed of flaunting her natural beauty (and rightly so).

In 2018, SZA — who previously worked at Sephora — opened up about her beauty regimen. As someone who struggles with acne, she swears by Manuka honey masks, Vitamin C, black soap, and hemp oil for a smoother and brighter complexion as the star detailed in a chat with Refinery29. She prefers sticking to products and procedures that actually work for her face.

“Consistency and simplification is key,” SZA, who came up with her stage name using the Supreme Alphabet, stressed. “I can’t try a whole bunch of different s*** that I’ve seen,” adding, “I don’t have that gene pool, so I do what I know.”

Source: Refinery29