What Technologies Are Staying Behind GamStop Software?

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The United Kingdom Gambling Commission has made its name among the most prominent gambling support organizations in the world. Not just that it has created certain extraordinary standards when it comes to services implemented for the protection of vulnerable gamblers.  It was the efficiency of services and civic responsibilities that has helped the United Kingdom Gambling Commission to reach the position it holds currently along with genuine dedication towards the protection of citizens. 

Needless to say, it is absolutely indispensable for the government of the UK to take addictive behaviours among the masses (towards gambling) very seriously given that the UK opens up one of the biggest markets of online gambling to their citizens. 

The easy availability often helps in depleting the barriers between a player and gambling games; gambling in itself is a highly addictive sport. Gambling activates the reward system of the brain that magnifies even the smallest wins. This often leads people to generate a tendency of compulsive gambling. One of the most effective steps to overcome the crisis has been the implementation of the GamStop self-exclusion system.

About GamStop

The self-exclusion scheme for GamStop is particularly directed towards eradicating or controlling the effect of gambling addiction. On the other hand, Casinogap.org found a gap where GamStop registered users can play at casinos not on GamStop without any limitations. Distancing oneself from the source of addiction is one primary requirement of getting over any compulsive behaviour and as a result, GamStop serves the nation as a way to create barriers between the players and the gambling games. 

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A simple procedure of signing up by the customer ensures he is blocked from all the legally operating gambling sites registered under the UKGC for a fixed length of time. The time span can be selected by the player himself depending upon the severity of the addiction. Apart from that, a willing candidate has to answer several rounds of interrogation followed by third-party verification. There are technologies implemented that back up the system, a few of which are discussed here.

Perl API

Perl API is one of the major technologies behind the development of GamStop API with the support of GitHub. The formation of the scheme to the execution, additionally the interface is a result of the module. The list of components featured in the module is as follows:

  • Name of scheme
  • Synopsis
  • Interface of description 
  • Unique API key (prerequisite)
  • Features of the scheme
  • Endpoint URL of GamStop API
  • Unique API key for gambling operators
  • Timeout timeframe
  • Necessary details
  • Copyright documents and license
  • Maker of the scheme
  • Value of Return or response generated

Operators Portal

This portal is restricted to the operators from overseas that are registered under the UKGC. As a prerequisite, these foreign gambling sites have to obey the terms of GamStop. This deals with the storage of data as well as enrollment along with the selective availability of user information by restoring customer privacy.  It is a nationally recognized program delivering efficient services for the maintenance of hassle-free GamStop services.

Database of Users

Besides the Perl API, another noteworthy technology that backed up the process of implementing the GamStop scheme is the user database. It contains all the necessary information about the customers and their requirements. This further forms the tool to filter the updated marketing list by the operators complying with the scheme. 

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This technology acts as a sieve to restrict the entry of blocked customers at the gambling site. As an extension of the services, this feature makes sure that any gambling operator is hindered from sending promotional or marketing emails to the registered customers of GamStop. This drastically cuts out the temptation and is useful for maintaining distance from the vices. 

Concluding Thoughts

GamStop has time and time again proved itself to be one of the most important services provided by the UKGC in curbing the dramatic effects of gambling. After the availability of gambling sources online, the number of heads affected by gambling addiction has drastically increased and it called for a fix to hinder the growth right after recognizing the problem. 

Thanks to the technological advances of current days that people are now able to distance themselves from self-recognized vices. The same technology that gave rise to the vices can usher an anecdote to the problem. 

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