What the Simpsons would look like if they were real people

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The Simpson It is, without any doubt, one of the most important animated series in the history of television. What was born as a series of shorts in The Tracey Ullman Show, quickly gained the trust of Fox to have your own space on the small screen. Thus, it became one of the favorite productions of lovers of satire and comedy, with more than thirty seasons broadcast, all available on Star+.

Despite the success, there were several elements that remained elusive to Matt Groening for a long time. First it was the film, which took years to arrive and was finally released in 2007. Other types of productions never came true, like some spin-off focused on a character acclaimed by fans, or the possibility of adapting the yellow family in live-action format.

Therefore, a user of Instagram called Hossein Diba was in charge of showing how the characters of The Simpson if they were real. According to the description of his networks, this person is dedicated to designing characters for all kinds of productions. In his profile he has more than 250 posts where in addition to the family of Springfield there are versions of the characters of Snoopy O The Lord of the rings, to mention some of the best known.

Unlike other posts that usually show real people who look like the characters in The Simpson, Hossein was in charge of designing them from scratch. Thus, versions of Milhouse, Moe, Lisa, Bart u Homero that, beyond not being people of flesh and blood, are quite close to the way they could be seen in an eventual series live-action from Star+.

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Simpsons fans always surprise

It is not the first time that a fan of The Simpson makes some kind of crazy design that surprises in the networks. A few weeks ago, an excellent idea conceived by Brandon Withrow, which created a miniature television similar to the one in the animated series where different chapters of the more than thirty installments of the show can be played at random.

This is what the finished model looks like. (Reddit: buba447)

With a Raspberry Pi mini computer and a 3D printer created the replica of the television that every fan would dream of having in their collection. In addition, he promised to share in Reddit The instructions so that those with the same skills as him can create their own version of this 32 GB capacity device that allows them to see the first eleven seasons of the show as in the case of the design of Withrow.

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