What time does Acapulco Shore episode 10 premiere?

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Acapulco Shore is one of the most successful series of MTV Latinoamérica. In fact, it began airing in 2014 and, since then, it has done so with audience records. Now, it is going for its season 8 and continues with great surprises. This new installment began at the end of April and this Tuesday its chapter 10 arrives. Nearing completion, the shores they go for much more. Parties, controversies, everything that this incredible reality show is willing to give us.

Such is the popularity of the program that the chain reported that the Brazilian version of the cycle called River shore and that will be released at any time in 2021. But let’s go back to Acapulco. We tell you what time to see the episodio 10 de Acapulco Shore 8 so you don’t miss out on absolutely anything.

When and how to watch episode 10 of Acapulco Shore 8

In the episode 10 from Acapulco Shore 8 there will be new fights, as expected. We are one step away from the end of the season, but that does not imply that shores they can do theirs and indeed it will be. But a new special guest will also arrive at the Acapulco mansion. It is that these boys will prepare to receive brand new, a Brazilian influencer with all the wave and we will have to see how he will get along with the team.

On the other hand, this installment will not be immune to the most spectacular celebrations. It will be a unique opportunity to have a wonderful time in the afters of the funniest mansion in the entire coastal city. Although there will also be unexpected goodbyes and some outbursts of fury that will not leave certain shores.

Premiere time of episode 10 of Acapulco Shore 8

The MTV series will premiere its chapter 10 on the music channel at 10 P.M. this Tuesday throughout Latin America. However, it can also be viewed simultaneously on the platform of Paramount+, where all the deliveries of the reality show are available. It is not yet confirmed if there will be season 9, but given the success of the show it is likely that it will continue with more stories.

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