What time does Carmen Villalobos wake up to train in the gym

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Colombian actress Carmen Villalobos placeholder image, famous for having played Catalina Santana in “Without breasts there is no paradise” and Lucía Sanclemente in “woman-fragranced coffee”, Not only stands out for her magnificent performances, but also for being a very attractive woman and owner of an enviable body.

More than a decade has passed since Villalobos’ debut in “Without breasts, there is no paradise”, When he was barely 25 years old. Since then, Sebastián Caicedo’s wife has done nothing but collect achievement after achievement, although always looking as young and slender as when she was part of the ‘Girls of the neighborhood’. What is your secret? Do you have a special diet?

The Barranquilla practices sports daily to look stunning. In fact, wake up at 4:00 a.m. so as not to waste any minute.

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In an interview for that she did shortly before her wedding with actor Sebastián Caicedo, in 2019, Carmen Villalobos revealed what was the exercise routine she followed to look perfect on the most exciting day of her life. This is how it became public that physical training is an indispensable activity of her life, especially after she met her husband:

“I did not like training very much, but I took a liking to it when I started my relationship with Sebastián, who has always been very athletic. I hate doing it alone, I always have someone by my side ”.

Since the actor came into her life, the Colombian feels more motivated to play sports. There is no doubt that it is more constant, since he confesses to getting up every day at four in the morning, to have more time to exercise:

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“I train for two hours, from 5 to 7. I had never done it in my life, never and now I like it.”

The trainer Lorraine ospina, who was in charge of her training to look perfect on her wedding day, put together a demanding and specialized routine for the actress. This series of exercises consists of cardiovascular activity with weight lifting such as unilateral gluteal and femoral lift to harden your buttocks, among others.

Villalobos claims to be living a wonderful stage, in a place that brings back memories of his birth Colombia. Her day to day consists of getting up early, going to the set, putting on makeup, dressing as they have prepared for her, and driving the car. entrepreneurship reality. The artist points out that with the passage of the programs, the participants are not the only ones who have learned new things, but also she:

“In all the episodes I have learned something. I love to see how the girls improve episode after episode, I love listening to the mentors, absorbing everything they say, they have a lot of knowledge, so my life goes very well recording the show ”.

If we check the account in Carmen Villalobos Instagram we can even feel the love he has for his adorable pets. She and her partner make content based on her three little dogs, who are already known by more than 17.7 million followers.

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