What time does La Casa de Papel premiere and how to watch season 5 online?

The Money Heist is already here with the last five episodes of the series, which premiered this Friday, December 3 at Netflix. The nerves of the fans are on the surface with the rumors and theories that have been heard about the end of this series that has become a mass phenomenon and one of the big questions is if the robbers of the most famous band of the world will manage to leave the Bank of Spain with the gold or if, on the contrary, it will end everything with a tragic end.

The Paper House is here, it has come to Netflix And it has done so this Friday, December 3, 2021 from 09:01 in Spain, since it is the usual time for the platform to premiere its series in our country.

Although many people waited from 12 at night to see the outcome of this plot that has kept us all glued to television, the La Casa de Papel fans have had to wait on the morning of this Friday and most likely it will happen as with the last season: many fans watched all the episodes in just over four hours.If each of the episodes lasts about 50 minutes, it is clear that they did not move from the couch. Surely today at noon many of the followers will already know the end of the series and will be commenting on it on social networks.

final episodes
La casa de papel final episodes

What will happen in the last episodes of La Casa de Papel?

La Casa de Papel opened in 2017 and has become a worldwide phenomenon. instantly an international phenomenon. In September when the first part of this season premiered, became the most demanded series worldwide on all platforms. All over the planet there were talk of these five episodes and the death of Tokyo became a drama for fans of all countries.

The only thing we know about the last episodes is what we have seen from the trailer that was released a few weeks ago and what has been commented on in the presentation of the series on November 30. According to the creator of the series Álex Pina “this final season has a lot of adrenaline and many twists, but it works very well in sentimental terms.” According to Pina “the end is very balanced” and has predicted the reaction that many viewers will have when they face the final episode: “When they get to the last chapter, people are going to ask themselves: But how are they going to get out of this? There is much to tell in this ending.

«The end of La casa de papel is the end of La casa de papel. The door is not left open to a season 6 or 7, here the story ends. I can’t talk about other types of alternative projects, “added Jesús Colmenar, producer and director of the series. A day later Netflix announced that is preparing for 2023 a “spin-off” of the series focused on the character of Berlin. This means that not everything will end with the final episodes of the second part of season 5. For now, the only thing we can say is that at that time all the followers of the series will be aware of the final episodes.

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