What to expect from Power Book III episode 2: Raising Kanan on Starz

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The universe Power is back finally. Starz premiered the first episode of Power Book III: Raising Kanan, a spin-off based on the arch nemesis of James “Ghost” St. Patrick. The original series premiered in 2014 and ran for 6 successful seasons. It followed the story of Ghost, the owner of a nightclub and drug dealer.

The bonds that you maintain with both your family, friends and rivals will be important in your life. It is, therefore, that the character of Right, interpreted by 50 cent (producer in addition to the series) is so important, because it is about a person who in the past was his friend, but now he is on the opposite side. When the show ended in 2020, the network announced a series of spin-offs and the first was precisely Ghost, rather his son, Tariq. And now it’s Kanan’s turn.

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Raising Right proposes us to take a trip back to the early 90s when he was just a 15-year-old teenager and lived with his mother, Raq (Patina Miller). She is not just any mother but also the leader of a drug trafficking organization. So from a very young age, Kanan’s life (Mekai Curtis) will be, say, unusual. And that’s what this series is about, navigating the bond between mother and son, but also discovering what those years were like for this young man and how they influenced his future.

What will Power Book III episode 2: Raising Kanan be like

The episode 1 from Raising Right introduces us to the characters. Kanan lives with his mother in South Jamaica, in Queens, United States. In most of the first chapter, we see how Raq fights so that his son does not follow in his footsteps. She wants him to somehow get away from the criminal path forever and encourages him to continue his studies as best as possible.

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However, Kanan seems to have already made up his mind and discussing it otherwise will be almost impossible. Violence, weapons and crime are present and, of course, it is not easy to escape from that. In fact, in the last scene of the episode, after Raq finds out that her son purposely failed a school exam, she takes him to the beach and tells him that if he has already chosen his path, she accepts it, but must to know that it will be more complex and harder than he surely thinks.

With that ending, this chapter of Raising Right and we can suspect that in the next installment, we will see the first steps of this boy as one more member of the criminal gang of Raquel Thomas. Although, of course, as his mother warned him, getting involved in these businesses is a decision that has no turning back and that will require being very attentive to those around him constantly. In addition, a key role of this series will already come into play, which is that of detective Malcolm Howard, played by Omar Epps.

When does episode 2 of Raising Kanan premiere?

Episode 2 of Raising Right It can be seen from next Sunday, July 25 at Starz Play in its world premiere.

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