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This Thursday the first three episodes of the show headed by John Cenna will be released. It will be a direct continuation of The Suicide Squad by James Gunn.

The series will have 8 episodes.
© IMDbThe series will have 8 episodes.

In Warner Bros. Pictures still trying to polish the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) to give it the same notoriety as the one that today cannot be discussed with Marvel. What at the time was commanded by Zack Snyder and what became known as the Snyderverse was forgotten, and the studio began to think of more cheerful and colorful ways to tell their stories. so they appeared Shazam! Y Aquaman, which marked a path that was resumed with the new version of The Suicide Squad who directed James Gunn.

Among the characters in that film was Peacemaker, the antihero who believes that peace must be achieved regardless of cost or means. Interpreted by John Cena, was one of the many who failed to reach the end of the story, after being killed by Bloodsport. However, the post-credits scene showed that he had actually survived. All this made more sense with the project that will debut this Thursday in HBO Max.

Is about Peacemaker, a series whose first season will have 8 episodes and was developed by Gunn. Tomorrow the first three episodes will be released, which quickly show that the director’s formula is present throughout the story: provocative humor, plenty of violence and the most bizarre situations you can think of. This is perhaps the highest point of the series: the sense of continuity it has for the film that was released in 2021.

As for the cast, the great approved takes it Vigilante, one of the new additions of DC, who introduces himself as the best friend (at least that’s what he says) of Peacemaker and quickly ends up involved in their missions. The season will show us the character of price summoned once again to carry out an undercover mission in which they will try to assassinate all the members of a group that is known as “The fireflies”. The last link will be completed by the father of Peacemaker, Auggie Smith, who has a past like White Dragon, a white supremacist who completely despises his son.

Peacemaker’s lowest point

When pointing out the weak points of this new series of HBO Max there is one that stands out quickly and that was previously pointed out as one of the positive elements: the formula of James Gunn. It is that, as contradictory as it sounds, it is enough to see the superhero movies presented by the director, both in the DCEU like in Marvel to quickly see what their stories look like. It is difficult not to get exhausted before a proposal that is only based on the charisma of John Cena (which doesn’t always work) and the morbidity and graphic violence that grows as the mystery of The fireflies. And to top it off, humor also has its cracks, with jokes that (as often happens in the case of this director) are stretched excessively until they almost completely lose their grace. It will be interesting to see what the followers of Peacemaker and of the new DCEU with this series of which it is not yet known if it will have a second season or if the character will return in another movie.

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