What to expect from the PS5 PlayStation Showcase: God of War, Horizon and possible games

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Sony has everything ready for its great moment of the still present summer. The Japanese company, absent and silent during E3 2021 and Gamescom, summons us for this Thursday, September 9 at 10:00 p.m. Spanish peninsular time for your PlayStation Showcase. The event, which will last for 40 minutes, It is not called State of Play, but uses the nomenclature of the great appointments. Everything invites you to think that this will be one of those great appointments.

During these last days there have been many leaks, hearsay, title listings and possible announcements that have sounded around the event. However, there are possible games that are more likely than others to appear. And that’s what we want to do in this article: review the possible announcements of the PlayStation Showcase. We will put aside theories based on desire; We will focus on names that, for different reasons, gain strength as the hours go by.

First, let’s remember the information. Sony will broadcast on its YouTube and Twitch the broadcast of the PlayStation Showcase; although you can also follow it live from MeriStation and our YouTube channel. At the end of the live show, you will have all the advertisements presented on our cover. The Japanese firm maintains in its statement that we will be able to “take a look at the future of PS5“With” news from PlayStation Studios and some of the most imaginative developers in the industry, about games that will be released later this year and beyond. ” Also, we will not have new information on the new generation of PS VR.

Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7 and God of War; the golden trident

Let’s start with the three big names at PlayStation Studios; those that should have arrived a year ago and that, as a result of a pandemic that arrived without warning and that continues to be present, have been made to beg until 2022. Delaying a video game is never easy, but from Guerrilla Games, authors of Horizon Forbidden West, the most important thing is that the title comes out in perfect condition without damaging the health of the employees along the way. It will be on February 18 when we begin Aloy’s second great adventure on PS5 and PS4. We will likely see the game in action again; either with a gameplay or with a trailer.

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God of War: Ragnarok (tentative name) is the call to be the big name of the event, with permission from Gran Turismo 7. Sony Santa Monica Studio has already confirmed that this will not be the final name of the game and that we will have to wait until 2022 to play it on PS5 and PS4. Since its announcement in September 2020, we have not heard from or seen absolutely anything about the project, which suggests that it really is a sequel with all of the law and not a work as continuous in technology as we could come to think at the time. announce so early. Its director indicated months later that the game will come out “when it is finished.” The time has come to see Kratos’ second great adventure in action since his reboot and find out what happens after that great end of the first part.

Polyphony Digital cannot escape this appointment. Lovers of driving in general and Gran Turismo in particular hope and desire a return to the RPG era, as in the first four installments of the series. The first trailer for Gran Turismo 7, with an emphasis on the return of the Gran Turismo 4-style map, the used cars and a series of missing options in the latest installments, suggests that the slogan of “Gran Turismo is Back” has something of symbolic. It can be one of the great technological showcases of PlayStation 5 (there will also be a PS4 version) if you take advantage of the SSD memory, the changing weather, the adaptive triggers and other benefits such as ray tracing.

Just a few weeks ago an unannounced beta of the game was referenced, will PlayStation Showcase be the time to announce it? We do not rule out a release date being offered. Its premiere is scheduled for 2022.

Bluepoint Games, Haven, Naughty Dog y Sucker Punch, ¿qué podemos esperar?

Last July, Sony made official the purchase of Nixess, responsible for computer ports such as Marvel’s Avengers and Tomb Raider. The acquisition of this title seeks to reinforce the presence of PC adaptations of works by PlayStation Studios, and everything indicates that Uncharted 4 is the next to join the list after Horizon: Zero Dawn and Gays Gone.

Will this PlayStation Showcase be the time to announce the purchase of Bluepoint Games? It seems like an open secret, especially because of Sony’s own leak by mistake. After excellent works like Demon’s Souls and Shadow of the Colossus, we wonder what his next remake could be.

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Haven Studios, the new independent studio of Jade Raymond, formerly of Ubisoft, EA Motive and Stadia, is working on a new intellectual property with PlayStation. “We want to offer people an amazing experience. Because we believe in the ability of games to make people happy, and Sony too, “they said at the time. The studio, based in Montreal, Canada, made its opening official last March. The biggest showcase of the year in the PlayStation universe will be this Thursday, September 9; perhaps its revelation trailer is one of the icing on the cake.

Sucker Punch Productions works at a new video game, this is information. After Ghost of Tsushima and the Iki Island expansion, we learned in April that they are looking for a multiplayer expert for their next project and a writer for that new project. Also, Sony confirmed that Tsushima will be adapted into a film with the director John Wick. It may be early for the return from the studio, also responsible for Sly Cooper e InFamous. Both names have sounded strong in recent weeks; especially after the domain renewal of the inFamous website this week. Surprise on the horizon?

Finally, Naughty Dog. The parents of Uncharted and The Last of Us Part II are working on the latter’s multiplayer mode, Factions. More than a year has passed since the premiere of Joel and Ellie’s latest adventure; in fact, we don’t even have a patch to improve its performance on PS5. So much time of silence at Neil Druckmann’s firm and that possible Uncharted project at the hands of a Sony Bend Studio make us stay very attentive.

Team ASOBI, the parents of Astro Bot, are now part of PlayStation Studios

Last June it became official: Team ASOBI established itself as a studio within the PlayStation label. After Astro Bot: Rescue Mission and Astro’s Playroom, added to the dismantling of Sony Japan, the Japanese company has concentrated all its efforts on this talented team and is consolidated, according to the words of Hermen Hulst, head of the firm’s internal studies, as “a top-notch studio.” There is a certainty: they are working on a new franchise that they hope can address “all ages”; for the entire family. On their official website they say that it is their “most ambitious” game. The name of Team ASOBI has been ringing a lot during these last dates.

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Third parties: Final Fantasy XVI, Ghostwire: Tokyo, Forspoken…

It is clear that the third companies associated with PlayStation have something to say in this PlayStation Showcase, they themselves have assured it in the communication to the media. Now, what games will we see today? We may have a surprise equivalent to Sackboy: A Big Adventure by Sumo Digital, which is still a PlayStation IP developed by an external studio; but there are other names that we cannot fail to cite in this article.

The first is Forspoken. The title that we once knew as Project Athia is one of Square Enix’s great promises. An ambitious action adventure captained by Luminous Productions for PC and PS5, where it will be a temporary exclusive. Her actress has hinted that we will have news very soon. Either Tokyo Game Show or PlayStation Showcase are our bets.

On the other hand, Final Fantasy XVI, which, like the previous one, was revealed at the PlayStation 5 presentation event. Captained by Naoki Yoshida, it seems that development is progressing perfectly; It only remains for the study to know prepared to show it. The producer of the work maintains that they will only teach it when they feel satisfied and that they will maintain “the utmost care” so that it is put on sale without bugs.

Finally, Ghostwire: Tokyo. Shinji Mikami’s title at Tango Gameworks has been heavily affected by the pandemic, to the point of being delayed to 2022. “We want you to get your hands on the game as soon as possible, so you can experience the unforgettable version of this enchanted Tokyo. that we have been building with hard work ”. Hopefully the time has come to give a date.

If to all these names we add new trailers for Call of Duty: Vanguard, the imminent Deathloop, Kena: Bridge of Spirits and Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, it seems that we have content for more than 40 minutes … And you, what games do you think we will see? in this PlayStation Showcase?


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