What to see in Neuquén: six places to visit in summer

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When thinking about where to vacation during the summer, Argentines usually resort to the option of Neuquen. Many choose the province of Patagonia, because it offers endless activities where you can enjoy the vegetation, animals, lakes, mountains and more.

One of Neuquén’s highlights is San martin de los andes, a destination that stood out in the second edition of PreViaje. This area topped the list of reservations made by people to rest after a year so mobilized. There, you can attend alone, accompanied or with family.

San martin de los andes

San Martín de los Andes has several attractions and that is why it is not only visited by local tourists, but also by international ones. Its lakes and the mountain range that can be seen from anywhere in the province make it an ideal space for nature lovers.

For those who want to connect with the environment, they can go to Lake Lácar, whose origin is a glacier, so the water is extremely cold. In any case, strolling along its fine stone beaches is an alternative to enjoy the scenery. On the other hand, San Martín de los Andes offers areas for trekking during the summer.

Among the activities it has, it also has an urban center to visit during the afternoon and get to know another city. There, it is recommended to walk through the Plaza San Martín, where there is a monument in honor of José de San Martín. In addition, there are museums and craft fairs, where people can buy gifts for others or for themselves.

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National Parks in Neuquén

Neuquén has several national parks: the Park National Lanín and the Park National Nahuel Huapi are the most frequented. The first has the imposing Lanin volcano, located at 3,776 meters above sea level. Within this protected area, there are 24 lakes, trees (the araucaria, the pellín oak and the raulí) and animals of the region (pumas, the Andean condor, foxes and the monito de monte).

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In the case of the Nahuel Huapi National Park, this is also shared with Río Negro. This is another option to be in direct contact with nature, where you can take walks on special trails while enjoying the forest, Lake Nahuel Huapi and the mountains. Among the available activities, there are also rafting, kayaking, horseback riding and climbing, among others.

In this tourist area is located Villa La Angostura, another place of the most recommended by those who travel through Argentina. 70 kilometers from Bariloche, since October it begins to be invaded by fishermen, due to the beginning of the fishing season. In addition to all the adventure activities, it also has excursions, such as the ascent to Cerro Belvedere.

In the center west of Neuquén there is another environmental paradise like that of Villa Pehuenia. This destination has a mountain landscape with hills and lakes that flow into white sand beaches. Here the activities to do are repeated, but there is a distinctive one: you can dive.

This experience allows you to immerse yourself in a universe under the crystal clear water of the Lago Moquehue. It is one of the crossings to which more people go every summer. Those who experience it in the first person will be able to share some time with aquatic nature, including the great diversity of trout that inhabit that space.

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In the town of Caviahue the offer is extended to those who enjoy moments of relaxation, with the Copahue Themes, enabled both in the summer and winter seasons.

Although these are options for the whole family, there is one in the province that is attractive for the little ones during the summer: Patagonia Splash water park. This was inaugurated in 2017 and became the first in Patagonia. It consists of four hectares full of games, pools and green spaces.

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