What was the inspiration behind the creator of Matrix 4 to resurrect Neo and Trinity?

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The story is known to all: Neo and Trinity die in Matrix Revolutions. However, the fans maintained theories regarding what happened to the protagonist of the saga because the machines took his body and some suppose that it was to reincorporate it to the simulation with some intention. We already saw the advancement of this new entry in the franchise, and both characters return with amnesia, with Neo remembering via flashes his previous life.

Lana Wachowski explained the context in which the return of Neo and Trinity on Matrix Resurrections. Sure, creativity often serves to release elements of real life and this seems to be the case. She recounted that her parents and a close friend lost their lives. “I was crying and couldn’t sleep, so my brain exploded with this story. “said the director. “Suddenly I had Neo and Trinity alive again. It was very comforting “, he assured.

What inspired Lana Wachowski to return to the Matrix?

The co-creator of the saga explained that in the face of so many losses “I didn’t know how to handle the pain” and that suddenly have again Neo and Trinity, “the most important characters in his life”, it was immediately “comforting“. Lana came to a conclusion that helped her get through the difficult time: “This is what art and stories do. They encourage us.”

On the other hand, the sister of Lana, Lilly, he also talked about the loss of his parents and the reasons why he did not return to the world of Matrix. She said she was overwhelmed with obligations and a project like this needs as much energy as possible. In addition, his intention was always to give it the closure that it had. The positions of Lana and Lilly are understandable and each one of them was important so that today we have the phenomenon Matrix.

Hopefully the returns of Neo and Trinity in this fourth installment of the series help Wachowski find a closure to this stage of losses that surely marked it enough to return to the red pill universe. We don’t know what the future holds for Neo already Trinity, but fans seem to be remarkably excited about Resurrections. The presentation of the film in theaters next December will bring the answers we all seek.

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