What was. What will. By a path paved with good intentions

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As always, Hal Faber’s newsreel wants to focus on the details: the Sunday newsreel is commentary, outlook and analysis. It is both a retrospective and a preview at the same time.

*** I am thinking through the garden
it flourishes quietly behind the house;
Soup herbs, a hundred kinds,
Peasant flowers, colorful bouquet.

Parsley and tomatoes,
a bean gallery,
especially advised
the popular celery.

Yes and here -? A little weasel?
There grows quietly in the earth
the humble radish:
outside red and inside white.

I am thinking through the garden
our German politics;
Soup cabbage of all kinds
in the compost of the republic.

Banging, Glasses Gehbrockte,
Parliamentsroutinendreh …
Yes and here -? The very screwed one
dear good SPD
Hermann Müller, Hilferlieschen
bloom so harmlessly, dof and quiet
like humble radishes:
outside red and inside white.
(Theobald Tiger, Field Crops, September 1926)

*** We all know fake news well enough. It seems to be different with fake poems. There is no other way to explain why a fake one Poem by Kurt Tucholsky aka Theobald Tiger from the world stage is making the rounds on Twitter. The good man, the greatest German poet after Heine, simply didn’t deserve that. The Ganovian “prison” is not his language, he spoke plain language about jail and also plain text about the SPD. So in tune it is worth taking a look at the traffic lights and their coalition agreement. Led by the SPD, red outside and white inside, Scholz outside and inside there is the protein plant strategy and the “Community Health Nurse” against the shortage of doctors in the countryside. Yes, Parish Nurse Agnes is coming back and doing the syringes and boosters in no time during the new government examines whether Germany can become a land of milk and honey. One with “easy tax models” and “science entrepreneurship initiatives”. The spirit of the entrepreneur hovers over all the strategies, concepts, action and master plans. Wouldn’t it be nice then, as a symbol of this traffic light for the green-yellow-red accelerating, the head of nationwide Friedrich Engels to take, who was after all a successful entrepreneur?

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*** The coalition agreement is a Rumble of declarations of intent, a “shared service platform”, a kind of pond from which everyone can fish, from Yes for armed drones until no for the unrestrained data retention. In its place, legally secure data retention with the login trap is to be introduced and the ZITiS hacker authority is to be placed under the supervision of Parliament. Carefully optimistic are the experts for critical infrastructures who welcome the greater independence of the BSI and are pleased that their proposal for a cyber aid organization has resulted in the technical aid organization having new competencies for “cyber aid”. No aid organization, no agency or “transformation cluster” is intended for digitization, only the “Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital” continues where some stupid ideas like the ID wallet were recently hatched.

*** Hach, how excellently all journalists have mastered their digital tools, the 177-page coalition agreement has made it clear. He could from real masters in less than a second be read, it was sent as a Word document by even greater experts, whereupon the absolute masters of their trade achieved the coronation and reported that the contract contains the word “climate” 200 times. A masterpiece of journalistic research that makes you blink in amazement. The really explosive part that climate and environmental protection will be separated, that there will be a ministry for economy and climate protection and one for “environment, nature protection, nuclear safety and consumer protection” will be in Expert blogs dealt with while the press prefers to deal with the question of whether a vegetarian can be Minister of Agriculture. So we hear nonsense like “He has to stand behind the profession.” Certainly the question of Germans still arises whether a conscientious objector is allowed to be chancellor. You’d rather be happy with others, those in view of the coalition agreement the sun is shining out of the ass.

*** “Once upon a time there was a little girl who grew up in a country full of fat and rounded people. These people loved everything that was fat, plump and big. They loved to eat cakes and French fries, cheeseburgers and chocolate for their entire life. Because These people preferred to eat rather than cook, they were very inventive. They invented loads of robots that could do all of their work for them. Above all, the fully automated preparation of the food was perfected down to the smallest detail so that every human wish was instantly fulfilled Thanks to these aids, people only had time for the important things in life, and for them they were eating and enjoying. “ No, that is not in the coalition agreement, it is the beginning of a modern fairy tale like it is today told in terms of digital ethics should be. Just imagine if there were such belligerent fairy tales about the mighty battle of the Nutcracker and the Mouse King be told! That is not how it works!! It gets worse when the fairy tale becomes the subject of one racist ballet with a Chinese dance that could offend Xi Jinping. A terrible idea. Fortunately, there are new fairy tales that go perfectly with Corona, when rich “Neighbors”. How did you say very early on, when it came against fairy tales: “Every kind of education is subservient to a class”.

And today, I say quietly
I should submit, be content
I cannot submit
I cannot be content
Still want to win
Want all or nothing
(Hammerschmid/Knef, 1968)

Chancellor Angela Merkel is to be adopted with a big tattoo on Thursday. The hymn “Great God we praise you” and the song of Hildegard Knef should be on her song wish list For me it should rain red rose stand. In addition, the staff music corps is supposed to play the GDR’s secret anthem, the Demmler-Song “You forgot the color film”. Does it symbolize the dreary gray life, is it an allusion to the poor supply situation with color films or is color photography the code for private life and the social confirmation of East German identity, as an analysis of the song says? Fake poetry is also there: “Everything blue and white and green and later no longer true.” Angela Merkel will have thought something along these lines. In any case, he stands for the right to sing the funny nonsense with the Nina Hagen once wanted to go to the basement of the Friedrichstadtpalast.

Omikron is optionally a distributor of essential oils and cosmetics for do-it-yourself, a manufacturer of copiers and a producer of paragliders. Many readers will remember the Omikron BASIC that was available for the Atari ST computers. Now Omikron is the official name for the Advent variant of the B.1.1.529, right after Delta. It is unclear why the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet was not used instead of the epsilon. Perhaps it should reflect the gravity of the situation when the alphabet comes to an end. But that would actually be the omega (yes, the ancient Greeks had two O signs in their alphabet). It is still unclear how big it is danger from Omikron, but the situation is serious. While the new government has not even named the leadership to be provided by the SPD in the Federal Ministry of Health (Karl Lauterbach versus Katja Pähle), the science once again clearly expressed prematurely and called for “immediate countermeasures”. There is currently a certain Jens Spahn at the wheel, who prefers to criticize the fact that the traffic lights are inactive. This is how it begins perfect storm.


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