What was. What will. From senior-friendly pacts and other citizen participation

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As always, Hal Faber’s newsreel wants to focus on the details: the Sunday newsreel is commentary, outlook and analysis. It is both a retrospective and a preview at the same time.

*** It is probably one of the saddest scenes the film history we just started with. And a consequence the scenethat all machine-buffs like to quote, who misunderstand an iconographic film that unites technology skepticism with technology optimism in the finest and most comprehensible way. But before I drift too deeply into the basics, quickly something funny: In the last newsreel I wrote that old white men need power bars. Isso, I can only confirm as a white man over 60, with a belly attachment, hearing and comprehension problems. The question is, what kind of stuff these power bars are made of. For some it may be the sausage, for others the bars that cyclists eat on their races, and still others prefer nutritious liquids. Everyone according to their own styleAs the old Prussian Frederick II wrote down unaltered, incidentally with a view to the religions: “The religions must all be Tolleriret and the Fiscal must keep an eye out that none of the other denies that everyone here must do according to their own style Become happy. ” That, including atheism, could be called a “great religion law” in the style of the still-in-office federal government or, more soberly, a “religious tax pact to promote the House of Hohenzollern”.

What was.  What will.  From senior-friendly pacts and other citizen participation

*** There was a very special pact to celebrate this week. In good time before the election of old white men, the Ministry of Family Affairs worked closely with the IT industry association Bitkom Digital pact age imagined, only real with one wobbly press release and a quote from Müntefering. Franz Müntefering, as the top senior of all senior citizens’ organizations, did not say a typical one Münte saying, but something non-binding, Achim Berg as Bitkom boss something incomprehensible and everyone then started the SDE company competition with great satisfaction, Senior-friendly – digital – successful. Here, low-threshold “senior-friendly products” for life in Digitalistan are to be awarded prizes. The press photo with Oculus Gear VR glasses shows what seniors urgently need. Let’s look forward to the intelligent rollator with speech recognition and the call “Seniors in production!”, Uh, administration. It will be a lot of fun when the Age Digital Pact is packed onto the School Digital Pact and FTAM tricks for the ISDN connection do the rounds.

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*** Almost all major parties have this requirement for a digital ministry in their election manifestos. From Bavaria, of all places, an objection comes from Christoph Egle, managing director of Bavarian Research Institute for Digital Transformation. The digital pact researcher justifies one thing Newspaper articlethat a digital ministry is nonsense and that digital policy instead belongs in the Chancellery, together with a digital minister of state who has the right of initiative for digital laws. That would be a good idea, to say it with another digital visionary. In addition, a CDO, a Chief Digital Officer, is to be installed in every federal ministry. “The CDO expressly does not care that the printers are running and the screens are lit, but rather builds digital skills and a digital awareness in all departments and at all levels.” Well What kind of times were those when, at the beginning of this digitization, the term digital awareness for an electronic brain Machine awareness stand. “For me, a system is conscious when it is able to observe itself, when it tries to understand its own behavior and then becomes active on a larger scale independently in response to the outside world, to internal states and previous plans when it makes its own decisions and pursues new intentions over a long period of time. “

*** We come to the Hohenzollern house after that latest case law may be called “complacent” in the sense of the free word. As the Hohenzollern Lawsuit Wiki documented, one is eagerly complaining in order to tweak the image of the Hohenzollern in modern history in its form. There was the youngest one the day before Mammoth event a presentation of a Hohenzollern book in front of the court with Minister of Economic Affairs Peter Altmeier, who, according to his own statements, only attended the celebration “en privée”. This is called, rightly, “cryptomonarchism”: A man who belongs to a government that is still in office, who bitterly argues with the House of Hohenzollern over the question of whether and how the Crown Prince made a deal with the National Socialists, gives a speech at the book presentation in which he is committed to buying second-hand books most of all. Well oops, is “The Crown Prince and the Nazis” to have antiquarian?

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*** By the way, you can buy David Finkel’s book at an antiquarian price The Good Soldiers. The book by the US reporter, who accompanied and wrote about US soldiers in the Iraq war as an “embedded journalist”, is available for as little as five euros. Finkel did not write about the killing of two Reuters employees, although, according to Chelsea Manning, he owned the video that later made Wikileaks world famous under the title “Collateral Murder”. To date has David Finkel not admitted whether he knew the video or not. In retrospect, it is more important that his behavior so outraged Chelsea Manning that she took action. “This incident bothered me for weeks, maybe a month and a half, until I decided to send it to you,” Manning wrote in a chat with the informant Adrian Lamo. What are meant here are the Wikileaks activists. In the chat with Adrian Lamo Manning described how he sought contact with Julian Assange, this “white-haired crazy guy” and deposited the encrypted video anonymously at Wikileaks. Now the proceedings against the “crazy guy” continue and even the medical report can be challenged by the US representatives. It should be remembered in this connection that it was Wikileaks that published the war diaries of the US Army in Afghanistan from 2004 to 2009 in 2010. That was about 27,000 documents. In 2019 they were officially presented by the Afghanistan Papers added. Since then it was known that the mission in Afghanistan was not to be won. That the house of cards could collapse, who would have thought? A Airplane of the Qatar Air Force recently brought Mullah Baradar from Doha, where he had enjoyed political asylum, to Afghanistan.

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Where is the positive? Perhaps it is this news that can comfort us about the incumbent mess called the federal election: When 2022 comes, will Citizen participation are the focus of the Science Year. Hooray! The lateral thinkers and the non-checkers have disappeared, science reigns unchallenged and the willingness to vaccinate against crude theories is great. It says in the internal concept paper: “The tools of science for collecting and checking facts, for weighting arguments and for searching for solutions have been methodologically tested many times and have proven themselves. All of us concern new technologies (e.g. in medicine and biotechnology) and new social developments ( This is why it is all the more important to enter into an exchange, to integrate new perspectives in research and science and to make it possible for everyone to participate. “ Isn’t it cute how science is presented.

What was.  What will.  From senior-friendly pacts and other citizen participation

What was.  What will.  From senior-friendly pacts and other citizen participation

“I paint the world the way I like it,” that could easily pass as a scientific concept in the German Research Ministry. What is missing in the impressive plan for the Science Year 2022? Actually only David Hasselhoff, Atze Schröder and Uschi Glas as influencers who advertise this public participation. Or should we rather wish ourselves back in 2015? The year wasn’t that bad, except for Armin Laschet.


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