What was. What will. From the brain gain and the weighting of personal characteristics

What was.  What will.  From the brain gain and the weighting of personal characteristics

As always, Hal Faber’s newsreel wants to focus on the details: the Sunday newsreel is commentary, outlook and analysis. It is both a retrospective and a preview at the same time.

*** Well, something like that too: If you put the beautiful German word of the rising republic in the Lasch-O-Maten A clever algorithm creates sentences that sound as if they were spoken by Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet. “Solutions in the matter of the rising republic can be achieved with concrete action and not with symbolic politics.” Memories are awakened, for example of the time when such a gimmick program produced the similarly swaggered sentences by Helmut Kohl, which he performed “in this our country” (Indula).


Now is The rising republic a book, written by an Armin Laschet, peppered with clever sentences: “One thing is certain: brain gain through migration is also possible for the countries of origin, namely when qualified workers do not migrate permanently, but rather gain experience in another country and then return to their home country.” The sentence is astonishingly concrete for Laschet, which is why it does not come from him, but from a scientist, namely from Karsten Weizenegger. He is an expert on sustainable development policy and is now happy that his sentence has been copied: “Brain gain is especially possible for countries of origin if qualified workers do not migrate permanently, but rather temporarily gain experience in another country, which can then be used when they return.” Yes, that’s how Brain-Klau works with this candidate for Chancellor, who allegedly comes from sustainable raw materials wood originated. The brain steal of a scientist is all the more surprising as there is an informative sentence about science from Laschet, spoken on July 2, 2021 in the state parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia: “I rarely, actually never, agree with the AFD. You do A true sentence said today: Whenever someone arrives and says ‘science says’, you are wise to question what they are up to … “. Approval with the AfD, there let’s knock on the wood in this our wood world. This also applies to the very successful chapter heading “People are not illegal” in the book, inspired by one Traveling exhibitionthat moved through beautiful North Rhine-Westphalia.

*** Where there is a strap, there is a barn. The most incompetent minister in Germany is deemed to have been appointed for the next government, like his regional party on the occasion of the Presentation of your election program announced. Which, by the way, according to Markus Söder, is a small boat compared to the CDU’s election manifesto, an “aircraft carrier”, a “speedboat”. A nice slip of the tongue, because of course Söder meant a pilot boat with which the person who steers the big boat through difficult fairways comes on board. But back to Scheuer, because this week this country of ours became the first country in which autonomous vehicles are permitted in certain areas: the bus is moving in Magdeburg. That is happy the minister who has his brilliant achievement praised. If you look into that law, you will find an old acquaintance in §1e paragraph 2 on accident avoidance: The accident avoidance system may not provide for “in the event of an unavoidable alternative risk to human life no further weighting based on personal characteristics”. Andi Scheuer solved the trolley problem, which his predecessor Alexander Dobrindt had already dealt with, completely secretly. Unthinkable if in the software one Grab the camel driver algorithm would be built in. The next problem the maker Scheuer will take on the air taxis, which are described in the government program of the “aircraft carrier” from line 1690 as follows: “We also want to emphasize the positive aspects of flying and the innovative strength of aviation more strongly and promote them as a key technology. The development of air taxis is still a vision for the future, but it is becoming increasingly realistic.” Woe if anyone ever realistically recalculateswhat nonsense numbers in these “taxis” are spread “ex works”, so to speak.

*** Who does not know the beautiful saying “If elections would change something, they would be forbidden.” After a look at the numbers of the Federal Statistical Office on the age structure, the data journalist Lorenz Matzat expressed the idea on Twitter that Limit the right to vote to 14 to 70 year olds or, alternatively, to admit all over 60 voters only to every second election. The oh-so-bad baby boomer generation is to be taken out of the game. These are the ones who demonstrated on the dike in front of Brokdorf in the icy winter and tried to prevent the West runway in Frankfurt. The strange proposal from the perspective of someone born in 1975 ignores the Basic Law and, strangely enough, leaves out the right to stand as a candidate. Why should a boomer like Armin Laschet be allowed to become Chancellor if he is not even allowed to vote? For the rest of the arguments beyond any correlation and causality, I refer to the knowledgeable Words from a younger colleague and the modification of an equally beautiful bon mot from the Neue Frankfurter Schule: “The greatest critics of the moose become some themselves.”

*** This week, an urgent application against the Network Enforcement Act was received by the Cologne Administrative Court, in which Google Ireland, on behalf of its subsidiary Youtube, would like to see the same exempt from the obligation to report corresponding content to the new central register of the Federal Criminal Police Office, which will apply from February 2022. Facebook has now joined the application with its own express application. Why did the whole thing happen Sabine Fink, the Head of Government Affairs at Youtube explains German-speaking countries, Central and Eastern Europe correctly gendered. “Users who publish legitimate content must therefore fear that their personal data will be stored in police databases. Once passed on, data can no longer be withdrawn Users: are not allowed to inform about the transfer of their data, at least not within the first four weeks. “ The BKA’s free ticket combined with the four-week obligation to maintain secrecy is absurd, especially since the office is entitled to save contributions to “avert danger” indefinitely and not only, as originally intended, to forward them to the respective federal states for prosecution. The fact that Facebook has joined is not without a certain irony if you look at it How Facebook handles its users’ identification documents looks at. Hey, we need them for a year to train our AI to recognize fake IDs. It is reminiscent of a well-known one Joke by xkcd.

Two weeks ago, the little newsreel dealt with the severe weather disaster in West Germany and the warnings from meteorologists from the European Flood Awareness System. Then there were reports of multiple alarm failures. Well turns into one payrolled report found out that the State Office for the Environment also warned the districts of the water flood in several automated e-mails from 11:46 on July 14 and even correctly calculated the water level in an urgent email at 21:26 to be 6.9 meters. The disaster should have been declared by now at the latest, but the responsible district administrator hesitated until 11:09 p.m. when it was long too late. Are automated emails not being taken seriously? The debate as to why there was no evacuation will have to take place over the next few weeks. Perhaps Annalena Baerbock is right about hers 10-point plan for improved civil protection. She should have a book written about it, that’s always good.

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