What was. What will. Of wooden and flying horses

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As always, Hal Faber’s newsreel wants to focus on the details: the Sunday newsreel is commentary, outlook and analysis. It is both a look back and a preview at the same time.

*** From the mud to the stars! After the billionaire Richard Branson, the billionaire Jeff Bezos has now also made his journey to the edge of space, accompanied by Wally Funk, who had to wait 60 years for the flight. The new Davos, which is used by billionaires, was created in the space between the earth’s atmosphere and space, which is very monotonous. Now we’re just waiting for the launch of Ozzy Khan, the 37th billionaire who signed up with the Baikal spaceship named after his Baikal Trust Rentier settles into the depths of space, accompanied by a cryonic tank in which it can be frozen for three years. Meanwhile, on Earth, an artificial intelligence called the Baikal Decision-Support Concierge will be taking care of things. But I don’t want to spoil the game and spoil the end of the exciting story. It is short and easy to read. Perhaps I should emphasize that it was made up, because sometimes science fiction stories are mistaken for bare bitcoins.

What was.  What will.  Of wooden and flying horses

The Mathildenhöhe in Darmstadt, world cultural heritage: A nice environment for insecurity researchers to recover from all the security gaps that you can only shake your head about.

*** Mud on it! This story of an RTL reporter who pretties herself up for a flood report with dirt is behind one Paywall, but in its whole Relotius bliss is a pretty tale of trust in journalism. Of course, someone filmed Susanna Ohlen using his mobile phone to put on makeup and get a shovel. The comparison with that is a bit overdriven first war broadcast liveCNN reporters commented on how the US Air Force bombed Baghdad 30 years ago from the roof of their hotel, but so be it: “In the era of almost overreporting, other problems arise with authenticity: How authentic are pictures that are made, sometimes provoked to have pictures, because what can be seen in the pictures would not have happened without cameras “Does the multitude of images guarantee that what they show actually happened?” Tricky. What about the pictures of the killing of Reuters employees captured by the target camera of an on-board cannon? One day after Air raids on Baghdad in July 2007 Reuters knew that such video recordings existed, but it was not until 2010 that Wikileaks produced the video Collateral Murder from the leaked images.

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*** Wikileaks, Wikileaks, wasn’t there something? Right! Filmmaker Laura Poitras, who accompanied the work of Wikileaks and the entry of Wikileaks boss Julian Assange into the Embassy of Ecuador with her documentary camera, shows in Berlin the work Terror Contagion, which deconstructs how the surveillance software Pegasus of the Israeli NSO Group works , that perfect ghost that hacks cell phones, records data and leaves no trace afterwards. For years this news ticker has dealt with the state trojan, a digital horse built for the intrusion and monitoring of digital devices and now the horse has learned to fly too! The news about the Pegasus project in the Süddeutsche Zeitung has not stopped since Monday, there is new news every day, whether from Hungary or France, where President Macron himself called the experts to a crisis meeting. The horse, which should actually inspire poets, now inspires the worst surveillance fantasies, but also the inner Relotius some journalists: Diamond-shaped steel girders run through the glass skyscraper like fish bones. Shalev Hulio is leaning against one of the steel beams in the conference room on the 14th floor. The golden yellow beach of the Mediterranean coast shines through the floor-to-ceiling windows …. “ Fish, bones, sensations!

*** It is worthwhile to combine this story with the current decision of the Federal Constitutional Court on the state Trojan in the Police Act of Baden-Württemberg. As is well known, the NSO Group has also offered its Pegasus to the German security authorities for purchase. But these had security concerns. Here the vague jurisprudence sets in an equally vague sign, explains Jurist: “The First Senate, however, states that the legislature must ensure a corresponding regulation so that the authority that becomes aware of a security gap can adequately weigh the risk and benefit. If the risk outweighs the risk, the gap must be reported to the manufacturer. How However, the weighing should be precise, and whether a regulation in the law is required for this or whether an internal agency instruction – keyword materiality – is sufficient, cannot be inferred from the decision. “

*** An internal agency instruction has caused so much trouble in another sector that good old fishing was once again given a boost in the forums. The uncertainty researchers André Zilch and Martin Tschirsich, known from the CCC congresses with their lectures on health telematics, founded a fictitious sun pharmacy, applied for and received guest access and then issued two vaccination certificates. All things that, in the opinion of Zilch and Tschirsich, even a seventh grader could have done. In doing so, you prove that the digital vaccination certificate is just as secure as the analogue yellow vaccination certificate – namely, not at all. The production of such certificates in pharmacies has been stopped, but is to be resumed from Monday next week. Miraculously, the certificates became safe again when it did called: “All granted accesses are already checked and verified. According to the current state of knowledge, there has been no fraud in the creation of vaccination certificates. Incidentally, this would be a criminal offense.” That is nicely said and reminds of the great Austrian Paul Watzlawickwho was born 100 years ago today. Just think of its formidable Instructions on how to be unhappy and the example of people clapping incessantly to chase elephants away. The pharmacists are now clapping in their white coats in a similar way so that there are no forged vaccination certificates in circulation. I also clap my forehead: I’m fully vaccinated, I had to show my certificate stored in the CovPass app (scanned myself, ha!) A dozen times. The ID that actually belongs to the certificate was not requested once.

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*** And now for something completely different. This week is the talk show host Alfred Biolek died. I can’t say that I like talk shows, but Alfred Biolek is the big exception because he brought Monty Phyton’s Flying Circus to Germany and joined the troupe this episode about Albrecht Dürer provided the inspiring templates. Exactly 500 years ago, the car rental company Dürer set out to return from Antwerp to Nuremberg. In his luggage: the presumably first portrait of a black woman, he had just finished. The picture can now be seen in Aachen. “Dürer was here” is the title of the exhibition, that of Monty Phyton’s Song could come from.

Googling makes you smart and learns that Dr. Wau is a dog training school. The coming week will mark the 20th anniversary of Wau Holland’s death. On this occasion, a film will be shown in all cinemas in the summer republic. In Berlin alone there are nine venues and wherever the CCC is strongly represented locally, several cinemas show “everything is 1 except the 0”. For some reason, Wau Holland is called Dr. Wau designated. That’s stupid, but it fits in with the summer with his election campaign and the “yes, but” joke of Armin Laschet.

What was.  What will.  Of wooden and flying horses

What was.  What will.  Of wooden and flying horses

At the 1st Wau memorial meeting 20 years ago at Hal 2001

Wau Holland was born exactly 10 years before this cackling chancellor candidate and once extolled the ideal of a machine-readable government from which the CDU / CSU are mask miles away: [i]”In view of the development of storage prices, it is naive to believe that the relatively manageable amount of de.TEXT or cl.ALL would _not_ be stored and evaluated. On the other hand, it makes sense to have a social memory about the development of the history of ideas on the left. Friedrich too Engels did not work in the secret archives, but in public libraries. The fact that political police pursue the abuse of archives and idea carriers is a historical evil that IMO can be limited by openness and not by secrecy. My idea is, as in 1985 with jwi and Co developed the machine-readable government. This also includes the archiving of all politicians’ speeches and free access to them, as well as to the budget data. “

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Naomi Osaka lit the flames, but her picture is not on the front page of any Japanese newspaper. As an education seeker I have that in this recommendable one Newsletter had read. For everyone who wants to understand the strange politics of sport in addition to sport. Well then, nice weekend, without any sport and hopefully without heavy rain.


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