What We Know About Bad Bunny’s ‘Safaera’ Lawsuit

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Despite being one of the most influential artists of all time, leading the playlists of digital platforms and filling the stages around the world, now Bad Bunny must face a lawsuit for copyright infringement.

The 28-year-old reggaeton player will have to face the Federal Court of Puerto Rico, after several artists accused him of using without consent a mural called “Buenos días canals”, in the video of the song ‘Ser bichote’.

In 2014, artists Pedro Torres Román, Mario Resende and Antonio Moll created the painting as part of a project to revitalize the buildings in their then-neighborhood and it took just over five weeks to complete.

The plaintiffs claim that after the release of the video, the Puerto Rican artist has not acknowledged that he acted badly or rewarded the creators of the painting, so they ask to compensate for the damages, as well as a part of the profits obtained through the clip.

Rimas Entertainment and Carritos LLC are also implicated in the case as producers of the video and have sought to dismiss the charges through the Architectural Works Protection Act, which provides protection for photographs or videos of publicly visible buildings, regardless of whether they include any pictorial work.

This isn’t the first time the singer has been embroiled in legal trouble over allegations of copyright infringement. Recently, he lost a lawsuit against American rapper Missy Elliot, after she accused him of plagiarism of one of the riffs of her song ‘Get Your Freak On’ for the single ‘Safaera’. Bad Bunny had to pay 25% of the profits from the song to the singer.

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