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what we know about the remake

Rebel It was a successful Mexican strip that marked the Millennial generation who knew how to enjoy the group’s songs RBD What Save me O Just stay quiet while the show grew bigger and bigger. Now, the Giant of the Streaming will appeal to the nostalgia of many with a remake of the program adapted to the times of today. Of course, the intention is to also generate a new base of followers in today’s young people who are close to this kind of series with examples such as Gossip Girl O Elite.

There are not many details of this new Mexican production, but Pedro Damien, the person in charge of the 2004 version, assured in an interview that the show Netflix It will have more influence from the Argentine program of 2002 with details oriented towards what is known as Gen Z. There will be themes attached to today. How much weight will the phenomenon of social networks have?

Rebelde will seek to conquer another generation of young people

They will make the Argentine version and they will occupy the scripts of the first version and not those that we make in the Mexican soap opera. With those scripts, I think they will make their own version, which will be shorter, closer to the reality of this generation and is setting its own goals “Damien commented. We can hope to witness the formation of an iconic band like the one that fascinated everyone at the Elite Way School.

Netflix announced with a video on their social networks the premiere date of the expected show that will be next January 5, 2022. The images show the protagonists of Rebel singing a song that talks about rebellion at that time in their lives and serves as an invitation for audiences to know what to expect from this remake, along with the actors who carry it out.

The protagonists of the show? Azul Guaita Bracamontes as Jana Cohen, Giovanna Grigio as Emilia, Franko Massini as Luka Colucci, Alejandro Puente as Sebas, Andrea Chaparro as MJ, Jerónimo Cantillo as Dixon, Lizeth Selene as Andi and Sergio Mayer Mori as Esteban. Santiago Limón is in charge of sitting in the director’s chair of this new entry in the world Rebel.

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