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What will be the next PlayStation exclusive video game to hit PC? The community has a favorite candidate

The rumors and leaks have come true: God of War is coming to PC (Steam) on January 14, 2022 with features such as 4K graphics, unlocked FPS, customizable controls and “Ultra Wide” screen support, among other features that you can see in our post dedicated to the announcement. In this context, a good part of the PS5 and PC community have expressed something that seems more evident every day: if a video game as exclusive as God of War arrives on PC, the door is open for any PlayStation video game.

What will be the next PlayStation video game to hit PC?

PS5 and PC fans are very clear about what the next video game should be to reach the next generation console and Steam: Bloodborne, the classic souls developed by From Software and released in 2015 for PS4. So much so, that “Bloodborne” exceeded trends on Twitter for a few hours to “God of War” and “PlayStation.”

The announcement of the arrival of God of War to PC and these requests coincides with the Sony’s purchase of Bluepoint Games, responsible for Demon’s Souls Remake for PS5. According to the latest rumors, they would be in charge of a next-generation version for PS5 and PC, and a sequel.

It’s something fans have been asking for since its launch in 2015 and the launch of PS5 a year ago. Numerous insiders and media have pointed out that the arrival of “Bloodborne Remake“, “Bloodborne Remaster” O “Bloodborne Director’s Cut“It is inevitable, while many fans in the Souls community remain patient and attentive to official announcements. As long as this happens or not, Elden Ring it is an imminent reality, despite its recent delay.

Will Bloodborne finally arrive on PS5 and PC with an improved version regarding performance and graphics? He is the favorite candidate for this to happen. Until then, we remind you that Days Gone, Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding are already on PC, and that Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves (Uncharted 4 and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy) will also arrive on PC.

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