What will happen to Amber Heard if Johnny Depp wins the defamation trial?

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The fate of the actors is in the hands of the jury in Virginia, United States, who will decide who will be responsible for paying the damages caused by defamation. Seven jurors oversee Fairfax’s trial; they will decide whether Amber defamed Depp.

Previously we shared that they have assured us that Depp could lose the trial, because they have mentioned that the actor has little chance of winning, despite the fact that his team of lawyers has shown strong evidence to prove his innocence.

What will be the future of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp?

We recall that the actress defamed the celebrity when she wrote an opinion piece in the Washington Post in 2018 and called herself a public figure representing domestic abuse. Since then, the actor’s career has been overshadowed by the scandal.

On the other hand, sources close to Amber’s legal team mentioned that the jury will determine the damages for both the lawsuit and the counterclaim. It is worth mentioning that Heard was married to Depp for 15 months, but is not at risk of going to prison, as the actress does not face legal charges.

The actor filed a $50 million defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife, alleging she damaged his reputation and career. For their part, the celebrity’s lawyers indicated that Heard did not name Depp in the article, but they argue that he defamed him.

Depp denies physically hurting the actress, but Heard accuses the actor that he assaulted her dozens of times, so he filed a $100 million defamation counterclaim; in the four weeks of the trial, several videos have emerged that have caused various comments.

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Moreover, closing arguments are scheduled for May 27, the jury could begin deliberating on the fate of the actors, but they mention that there is a possibility that the jury will determine that neither Depp nor Heard should receive damages.

Criminal defense attorney Halim Dhanidina said that if Johnny Depp succeeds, a defamation lawsuit has a chilling effect, regardless of what the verdict is.

Who will win the trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard?

Users have questioned which of the celebrities will win the trial, so several experts in the field have opined on the matter. Show attorney Mitra Ahouraian said the lawsuit was filed for Depp to win in the face of public opinion.

Through social networks, several users have shared the statements of both actor Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, so the expected verdict of the trial has left several intrigued, since the fate of the actors will be defined.

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