What Will Happen to The Engagement Ring Now That Belinda and Nodal Won’t Reach the Altar

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The love breakup of Belinda and Christian Nodal ignited social networks, and around the surprise cancellation of the engagement they had since May 2021 various theories have emerged, one of them points out that it was infidelity on the part of the interpreter of ‘Goodbye love’ that caused the separation. On the show ‘Ventaneando’, the show host, Pati Chapoy, said that the singer visited the home of his ex-girlfriend, the Mexican ‘influencer’ María Fernanda Guzmán when Belinda was traveling in New York with her mother. This could have meant a nuisance between the couple that led them to undo their wedding plans.

“While she was in New York, the boy Nodal went to Tapalpa, where the ex-girlfriend lives, and went to see the ex-brother-in-law because he is very close friends with the ex-sister-in-law. There’s a tantrum in the middle,” Chapoy said. The version exposed in the show is supported by some images that went viral on social networks that, supposedly, prove that Nodal took advantage of the absence of his ex-engagement to see the young woman originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco.

One photo shows the singer sitting in an armchair covering his face, while his ex-brother-in-law only has his sneakers and trousers visible. The photographs sparked a wave of criticism against the regional Mexican singer. “Nodal visiting his ex’s house. How good that Beli decided to take his path and leave this immature little man. We love you Beli”, “Shame that Nodal changes Beli”, “He still takes out his statement and lets Belinda look bad” are some of the comments that are read on social networks.

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On these speculations, the magazine TVNotas published an interview with alleged friends of the singers who say that “their thunder occurred because a love triangle arose because Christian put the horns to Belinda with his ex”.

The alleged sources told the Mexican publication that Nodal made public their separation on Saturday, February 12, wanting to get ahead, and not in conjunction with the actress as they had agreed: “Christian went ahead to publicize the news on his social networks to make believe that the thunder was by mutual agreement and not be like the bad guy in the story.”

Will Belinda keep the ring or will she have to return it to Christian?

The bad tongues claimed at the time that the regional Mexican singer had gone into debt to buy the impressive jewel, adorned with a 12-carat diamond and valued at $3 million dollars. It was even speculated that the Nodal family had turned against Belinda for the money the young man was spending on gifts for her. At that time, Christian paid to close a restaurant in Spain that was perfect for an extremely special occasion, where Belinda gave him the “Yes”, although now all the charm is over.

According to Mexican law, whether Belinda keeps the ring depends on a key factor: whether or not it was a conditional gift. That is, if you do not want to return it, you have to provide evidence that shows that the gift was not subject to the celebration of a subsequent link. On the other hand, both Christian and she have already deleted all traces of the other from their Instagram accounts, so neither of them may want to keep that memory of their love story, no matter how expensive it was.

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