What would a Skyrim remake look like in Unreal Engine 5? This is what Riverwood would look like

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Christian Gomm has returned to his old ways. After recreating other emblematic places of Skyrim such as Western Watchtower in Unreal Engine 5, the developer has now been encouraged to show us what the little town of Riverwood, the first stop of all dragon blood. A most interesting exercise that allows us to imagine what a Skyrim remake would be like if we used all the technology that we have today. In the result, Riverwood it looks like never before and has seen most of its textures and materials changed, going from around 100,000 original polygons to more than 15 million of them, almost nothing.

Gomm is dedicated to the design of stages and levels in Dark Games (the study of the next Echoes of the End) and claims to have done this work in “a few days”Through its own assets that it has been scanning and introducing. He has retouched the surrounding foliage, stone surfaces, and even pine trees and stumps (even the bark of the trees themselves!). It helps him to practice and improve photogrammetry, according to what he says in his blog, and we are delighted, because it serves us as a fresh look at the medium’s promising graphical future. Can we travel similar places in The Elder Scrolls VI? Maybe in TES VII?

Skyrim just released its Anniversary Edition

Just a month ago, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Bethesda offered us a “definitive edition“Of the game that includes several graphical and performance improvements, although it is obviously not the same, we know. At least this Anniversary Edition collected all the original expansions (Hearthfire, Dawnguard Y Dragonborn), added the fishing and survival modes, introduced new objects and merchandise, as well as an unpublished plot called Saints and seducers, which is made up of two main missions and several secondary ones. A new reason to return to the north of Tamriel (and there are quite a few), to which we only find one but: its price. 54.99 euros or, in the best of cases, 19.99 euros if we have the original and only buy the update file.

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