What would The Last of Us be like if it had been released for PS1? A fan imagines it with a wonderful result

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Have you ever imagined what The Last of Us would be like if it had been released for PS1? The user Rustic Games BR He has done it and has carried out his vision of the video game with a wonderful result, as it has been inspired by the style of play of one of the most famous franchises in the video game industry: Metal Gear Solid.

The Last of Us is a third-person adventure, action and survival video game with a story that made it the best video game of the past decade. It was first released on PS3 and later remastered for PS4. In addition, it has a sequel: The Last of Us Part II.

The video we have shared above shows what the vision of Rustic Games BR on PS1 is like, which is clearly inspired by Hideo Kojima’s 1998 Metal Gear Solid. It has a top view, life bars, minimap … One of the most curious details is that the camera becomes first person when we point the gun, something similar to what is seen in video games like Resident Evil. Finally, in some sections there is a fixed camera (not necessarily zenith) that is usually used to show some remarkable scene.

We love this version of The Last of Us and it would be really interesting to play the full video game. In any case, our congratulations to Rustic Games BR for this wonderful job.

In another order, you can take a look at the new images from the filming of HBO’s The Last of Us series, which show the recreation of all the scenarios of the original video game and the protagonists in action for the first time.

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