What would The Office be like in a pandemic: the spectacular Twitter thread that explains it

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Despite having ended almost ten years ago, The Office it remains among the best comedies ever seen on American television. With Steve Carell leading the way, fiction both redefined the version of the show created by Ricky Gervais as the concept of mockumentary from which other productions such as Parks and Recreation, to mention the best known case. In the networks, fans refuse to say goodbye to The Office and a thread left it in evidence.

The Office it was among the most watched productions of the pandemic. Until your departure from Netflix, was the most seen in the North American catalog of the platform. In Latin America it gained great popularity from the hand of Amazon Prime Video, where the nine deliveries can be seen. At least that’s how it will be, until Peacock, which belongs to NBCUniversal, the owner of the rights to the series, disembarking in the region.

In this context, a thread of Twitter that was born from the question of Tumi213 released a great episode that could well reflect how the coronavirus and the vaccine would affect Dunder Mifflin. “Imagine an episode of The Office in which everyone has to get vaccinated “asked the user of Twitter in a publication with more than 15 thousand retweets and almost 90 thousand likes.

Surely, Michael would rely on Pam to organize vaccinations in the office. (IMDb)

Camdiggidy responded with what appears to be a typical Michael Scott on The Office. “I signed up everyone to get the vaccine because I want everyone to be safe… well, almost everyone. I did not get an appointment with Toby because… frankly…. He stinks”, he pointed. Aveguapo, for his part he told how he would react Dwight: “Will I get the vaccine? Fake. Vaccines are for the weak. I will expose myself to covid and my immune system will show that WE are stronger once and for all. We are superior. Mose died from the virus, but Mose he was weak. Natural selection”.

The user Puff_iya He was in charge of telling what would happen to Jim, who, apparently, had already been vaccinated for a long time. “Oh actually I’ve been vaccinated for about 3 months. The side effects weren’t that bad, but I’ve been convincing Dwight that little by little I’m turning into a zombie. I started to moan and pretend I didn’t notice. Now I’m just looking for brains in Google and I look at them avidly “seems to say Jim.

jim halpert john krasinsky the office

For the fans, Jim would take it easy. (IMDb)

Creed He also had his part and seems to be the one with the necessary vaccines. Rachidowsky13 wrote: “Vaccines? Sure I have. What do you need?”. Oscar, for his part, has no intention of returning to Dunder Mifflin in this context: “In no way am I going to go back to the office in the middle of a pandemic”says according to thefatmac_ in an interview through Zoom. You can see the full thread below:

The Office book is coming

Two actresses who took great memories of The Office They were Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey. The artists who gave life to Pam and Angela, respectively, they became very good friends on the set. In fact, for some years they have been carrying out a podcast entitled Office Ladies where they have details of the behind the scenes of the show.

office ladies angela kinsey jenna fischer

The podcast was announced in September 2019. (Office Ladies)

Now, they confirmed that they will release a book on how this great comedy was made. Titled The Office BFFs: Tales of The Office from Two Best Friends Who Were There, will go on sale in 2022. They defined it as a “Intimate celebration illustrated by the privileged vision of the receptionist and the accountant of the office”. Angela Kinsey he claimed: “It is our love letter to fans of The Office and for the best friends from all over the world “.

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