What Your Favorite Mobile Game Says About You

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If you aren’t a big gaming fan, or simply don’t have the time and need something more portable at your fingertips, then mobile games are a great way to spend some of your time. And with so many games on the market, you’ll be sure to find something that piques your interest.

Whether it’s mobile slots, racing games, or cracking some fun puzzles, there’s plenty to keep you occupied on your own or with friends! Your favorite game can say a lot as well, so if you want to find out what your favorite mobile game reveals about you, then keep reading below!

Candy Crush

The free-to-play sweet-crushing game has been around for a while and has even reached its 10th anniversary, but it still dominates the app store for a reason. A simple enough concept to follow, the bright puzzle levels motivate you to keep going, and might reveal a strategic element about you! Due to being able to see what level your friends are on, you will more likely than not want to make sure you’re ahead of everyone. These simple games are a great activity to play on a daily basis and a good way to get some brain exercise in as well!

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart is a classic that we’ve all played with our friends or family on Wii, creating memorable moments with unexpected wins, perfect shell hits, and more! If you’re a fan of playing retro Mario Kart, like Mario Kart Tour on mobile, it may be a sign that you love a bit of nostalgia and the ability to relive fond childhood memories. Mario Kart Tour is very similar to the old Wii game, and with the option to play multiplayer with your friends, there’s no reason you can’t recreate the cozy Saturday evenings you used to have with your loved ones.


The ever-growing community of Fortnite is accessible via your mobile as well, and if this is your favorite game to play, then it might reveal your impulsive side. You’re quick on your feet and can make snap decisions at any given moment, which is an extremely useful skill to have when playing something as fast-paced as Fortnite. Whether you play solo, duos, trios, or in a squad, the chance of enemy players appearing out of nowhere is high, and staying alert is key so that you’re able to react accordingly. 

Genshin Impact

If Genshin Impact is one of your favorite mobile games, and you enjoy playing this one on the go, then chances are that you look for snippets of action and adventure throughout your day. No matter how boring your day might be, Genshin saves the day with its aesthetic graphics, beautiful soundtrack, and the opportunity to explore different regions at your own pace. Choose for yourself which bosses you want to take head-on, on any particular day, or progress through the Archon quests, and with the game constantly being updated, the possibilities truly are endless!

Among Us

Another popular title that’s made its way onto most phones is Among Us, and if you’re still enjoying it then it may reveal your competitive streak! A game that requires both stealth and strategy, whether you’re playing as the imposter or as a crew member, racing against the clock and the other players is quite a high-stakes activity that only those with a resilient and competitive streak can crack. Especially playing as the imposter, needing to blend in with the other crew members, and insisting on ejecting other players is an impressive skill and requires persuasion and influence that not everyone can master.

Heads Up!

If you enjoy the popular games by Ellen DeGeneres, then there’s a high chance that you enjoy the company of others, and really appreciate your friends and spending time with them. This is the sort of game that can only work to its full potential when there’s a group of people playing, and the fast-paced nature of it makes it all the funnier to try and get through, as one person tries to guess the mimed actions of the rest of the group.

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