What Zack Snyder said about the #ReleaseTheAyerCut campaign

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Zack Snyder is a declared enemy of Warner Bros Mainly since the production company did not want to continue its Justice League movie saga. The director is also a reference if it is about popular feats because his fandom managed to make his cut from the DC Comics tape see the light four years later. Therefore is more than authorized to discuss the recent controversy over The Suicide Squad and comment on the campaign #ReleaseTheAyerCut. What did it manifest?

Fans of the film directed by James Gunn began a request on social networks for WB to make the version thought by David Yesterday, the filmmaker who was in charge of Suicide Squad and who stepped down as it was preparing to make the sequel. With the fresh background of Justice League, massive pressure was started for the result to be the same.

Snyder was an executive producer and worked alongside Ayer on the 2017 film, so he has a clear preference for his colleague. Although he did not speak publicly in the last hours, he expressed himself through his account of Vero. There, a user liked the invitation to join the campaign #ReleaseTheAyerCut.


Zack’s last statement about it was in December with the site John Doe Movie Reviews, where he supported any director in the situation that he went through: “I support any filmmaker who needs to see their version of their movie or their vision, because I’ve had, you know, such generous support. So, I really hope other people get the same.”.

What do The Suicide Squad actors think about #ReleaseTheAyerCut?

Margot Robbie was consulted by Variety about Ayer’s cut and, although she avoided controversy by saying that “it is a very complicated situation”, he assured that he would like “see the montage of all the movies” of which it was part. What’s more, Jhon Cena He also gave his opinion and said: “I think the best thing for a company is to listen to its audience. And if it is something that is in such demand and they have it, why not? ”.


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