What’s Coming on Amazon Prime Video in April 2023

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Amazon Prime Video will make the series of one of the best-selling books in Spanish

One of the most beloved platforms for all series and movie lovers is Amazon Prime Video. The content offer is extensive and little by little, it is renewed to give users more viewing options with content from our country as well as from abroad.

Today we have the opportunity to see what those April 2023 premieres that the great platform of the Network has prepared for us.

What’s New on Amazon Prime Video in April 2023

With March giving its last throes, it is time to find out what Amazon Prime Video brings us again in the month of April. We are leaving behind an interesting premiere that is Sin Huellas, which premieres this week on the platform and is called to be one of the great series of the moment.

But as we say, next month is the one that interests us, and that is why we open with El Internado: Las Cumbres. Amaia has a feeling that there are still things to do at the Boarding School, to which is added the entry of a new girl into the youth group. But disappearances and crimes continue, and everyone will have to act fast in life-or-death situations.

Citadel leaves us on April 28, an action movie where agents Mason Kane and Nadia Sinh are the last of the spy agency. They have lost their memories, but an old colleague takes it upon himself to pull them out of their new life and bring them up to date on what the syndicate known as Manticore is doing in the shadows to manipulate the world. It will also be up to him to maintain a relationship that has been founded on a lie, although love is always present.

And we close with Up to the Bones, a film in which two young lovers, Maren, and Lee, flee in every possible way to live their lives to their liking. However, in the midst of Ronald Reagan’s time, their conditions will be enough to truncate their dreams, and even their love will be put to the test in the most difficult decisions.

April Premieres

Here is a closer look at what’s new on Amazon Prime Video for April 2023:

  • April 7 – The Boarding School: Las Cumbres S3, Last Light, and Gangs of Lagos
  • April 14 – The Wonderful Mrs. Masiel T5, Greek Salad, and El Pueblo S4
  • April 20 – To the Bones: Bones and All
  • April 21 – TBA
  • April 28 – Citadel

Get your popcorn ready and enjoy the newest releases on Amazon Prime Video this April 2023!

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