What’s Coming to Netflix in June 2023

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Looking for Exciting Content this June? Netflix Has Got You Covered!

As June approaches, many are eager to leave the city and head to the beach or mountain. Thankfully, Netflix has got you covered with exciting content that you can watch on your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop while relaxing by the ocean or in the mountains.

So, what can you expect from Netflix this June? Let’s have a look!

Black Mirror Season 6

Are you a fan of stories that blur the lines between reality and fiction? Then Black Mirror Season 6 is perfect for you! This season promises to take things up a notch, exploring the fear of everyday life and pressing it to its limits. Get ready for an adrenaline-filled ride!

The Witcher Season 3 Vol. 1

Henry Cavill’s Geralt de Rivia is back in The Witcher Season 3 Vol. 1, and we cannot wait to see what is in store for us this season. From the latest trailer, it’s clear that we can expect better graphics, epic sword fights, and an intense plot that will leave us at the edge of our seats.

Number: Johannesburg Gold

If you are looking for something different, Number Number: Johannesburg Gold might be exactly what you need. This series tells the story of a policeman who goes undercover in a gang to investigate one of the biggest gold robberies in Africa’s history. This is a fusion of drama and crime, and we cannot wait to see how it turns out.

Baraja: La Firma del Asesino

For those who love documentaries, Baraja: La Firma del Asesino is a must-watch. It tells the chilling story of Alfredo Galán Sotillo, the first Spanish serial killer. The documentary analyzes the case and highlights the killer’s release after serving 25 years of his 142-year sentence. Fans of true crime stories will find this documentary fascinating.

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Full List of Content Coming to Netflix in June 2023

– Scoop Valeria T3
– Manifest T4 Part 2
– This World Will Not Make Me a Bad Person
– Hounds
– Human Resources T2
– Ooku: Private Chambers

– Missed Connections
– Rich in Love 2
– Be Yourself
– The Wizarding Weeks
– Tyler Rake 2
– Black Clover: The Wizard King’s Sword
– Across the Sea
– The Perfect Combination

– Arnold
– Love is Blind: Brazil T3
– Tour de France: In the Heart of the Squad
– Deck: The Killer’s Signature
– Tex-Mex Luxury Junk


Whether you are looking for drama, crime, or true crime stories, Netflix has got you covered with its content this June. From Black Mirror Season 6 to Number Number: Johannesburg Gold, there is something for everyone. So, grab your device and settle in for an exciting June!

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