What’s In Your Vape Starter Kit?

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The start of something new is always an exciting time. You’re eager for what’s in store and your senses are tingling with delight and anticipation of a new experience. If you’re making the switch for the very first time from traditional cigarettes into the vaping world, boy are you in for a treat! Did you know that vaping, while mimicking the actions of smoking, is going to hit you in a different way?

For example, vapor that is emitted from your e-cigarette is going to hit your throat in a way that is very different to what you might have experienced before with regular smoking. You don’t taste all that tar and nicotine for one thing, and vaping has an array of different flavors for you to choose from. It tastes a whole lot better than cigarette smoke, that’s for sure.

If you are someone who has never smoked before and vaping is going to be your very first experience, well, get ready for an intense experience. Some first-timers find it all overwhelming while others love the experience altogether. Whether this is your first time as someone who hasn’t smoked a day in their life or whether you’re trying to make the healthier switch away from traditional cigarettes, there is something every beginner must have. You need to have a vaping kit!

Why A Vaping Kit?

Vaping kits are made with the beginning or the newbie in mind. A lot of kits today, like the Dabber vape kits, equip you with the ability to change how thick you would like your vapor to be. This is especially useful for those who have never smoked or vaped before so you don’t get overwhelmed by too much all at once. It gives you time to ease into the process and get the hang of it.

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With a vape kit, you’re in control of the intensity of your experience. You can start changing the settings of your vapor once you become more comfortable with the process. A lot of vape kits out there for beginners might have some complex customizations to them that you might find confusing as a beginner. Opt for the simple ones that come with simple features like the ones you see on Dr Dabber’s website. These are much more user-friendly for the first time newbie, allowing you to learn the ropes at your own pace rather than bombard you with too much going on at once.

What Should Your Vape Kit Contain?

As a beginner, there are several things you want to look for that will tell you if you’re buying a good vape kit or not. To make things easier for you, aim to buy a kit that claims to be a “complete starter kit”. This should equip you with everything you need to get going, and here are some of the items to look out for in your vape kit:

Vape Pens – Vape pens should be a standard offering in any complete vape starter kit because they are simple enough for every beginner to get accustomed to. They are easy and intuitive, exactly the kind of features you are looking for if this is your first experience with vaping. Some vape kits do offer a box mod, but these box mods can be rather complicated for someone who is only just dipping their toes into the vape world. Vape pens are straightforward and some pens even have the option of temperature control. You can easily activate these pens with a simple press of a button and follow the LED light

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indicators to know what your battery levels or current vape temperature setting is. Vape pens are the best for beginners.

The Coil – A vape starter kit should also contain a coil. Every e-cigarette device must come with a coil because this is the component that is responsible for heating up your e-liquid and turning it into vapor. The more experienced vapors often enjoy making their own coil setups. This is something you can definitely explore later on once you’ve found your vape groove. Depending on how often you vape, a new vape coil should last anywhere between one to two weeks. Coils should be regularly cleaned and replaced to ensure there’s no leftover residue or build-up from the e-liquids.

Built-in Batteries – Built-in batteries are another standard that should be included in your vape kit. The battery, along with other items like the coil, tank, and mouthpiece, are considered the four main components that every vaping device should have. The built-in battery is certainly a useful feature to have. It allows you to charge your device quickly so you can take it with you on the go. The battery can also serve as a backup power source if you happen to want to buy a bigger vape device later on. Your kit should come with wall chargers to help you charge the devices you need.

E-Liquids – Vape starter kits would usually come with the option of several different e-liquid types for you to choose from. The reason they do this is so you can begin experimenting with several flavors as you ease into this process. Experimenting with a few different flavor options is the best way to get the feel for the kind of taste you like before you go out and get more. E-liquids are also sometimes referred to as “vape juice” and the e-liquids are components in your kit that are responsible for the actual vapor you get during your vape sessions.

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Refillable Vape Tanks – Vape tanks are another main component that should be included in every vape kit. Your vape tank is going to be the powerhouse where your entire vaping experience is going to lie and no kit would be complete without it. Easily refill your tanks anytime you need it and if you invest in products of quality, you don’t have to worry about the plastic taste seeping into your e-liquid. Quality products are generally built for durability and they can last much longer than their cheaper counterparts before they need replacing.

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