What’s New From Hugh Jackman: 3 Productions To Watch Before Reminiscence Premiere

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The cycle of premieres in theaters seems to recover a certain normality and in Warner Bros. Pictures they continue with the stipulated schedule. This week it will be the turn of Reminiscence, the new of Hugh Jackman, protagonist of the film with Rebecca Ferguson. The film focuses on a dystopian future in which memory, memories and nostalgia play a key role, in a film that mainly mixes the police genre with that of science fiction.

Hugh Jackman he put himself in the shoes of Nick Bannister, a retired military man who has a special gift that consists of hypnotizing people and helping them to relive some memory that he knew how to make them happy. Reminiscence It is located in a future in which the seas flooded the most coastal areas and highlighted the economic differences between the lower classes, marginalized to live in the water, and the wealthiest, isolated by dikes.

This is what the system Nick uses to relive memories looks like. (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Throughout its almost two and a half hours, the characteristic axes of the police officer will be seen, with the girl who breaks the protagonist’s routine and pushes him to solve a case without respecting the rules. Among the influences, there are three clear ones that could stand out on a first impression.

Blade Runner

As the movie of Ridley Scott 1982 and then the sequel he made Dennis Villeneuve, the future looks bleak. Also the presence of water in the streets, with all the dirt that it drags, reminds the film that next year it will celebrate its four decades. In HBO Max you can enjoy the version of the final cut, while the continuation with Ryan Gosling It’s in Paramount+, Netflix and Starz.


In 2010, Christopher Nolan made one of the best films of his filmography. Inception featured a top-notch cast with Leonardo Dicaprio at the head and appearances of Elliot Page, Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. In Reminiscence there is a certain air both in the construction of the story and the mystery, as well as in the dreamlike device that reminds us of what was seen in Inception, a film available in Amazon Prime Video.

Minority Report

As in the 2002 movie starring Tom Cruise, Reminiscence he resorts to a pool of water and devices that control neurological impulses to solve his case. In Minority Report was to predict criminal acts, in the case of the film of Hugh Jackman It is to revisit the past and pay attention to the key details to solve a case. Minority Report can be seen by Amazon Prime Video.

Bonus track: Westworld

Before seeing Reminiscence you can do a review of the great series of HBO, Westworld. Not only because they share actresses, Thandiwe Newton and Angela Sarafyan, but because the director, Lisa Joy, is one of the creators of fiction. In addition, both productions show people who seek to escape from the reality that surrounds them, either to be part of a simulation or to relive a memory.

The Curse of Hill House / Bly Manor


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