What’s new in Gmail will now allow calls between users

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The ecosystem of Google encompasses a lot of services and applications that have always tried to be independent from each other even though they allow you to feel synchronized between them. Without a doubt, one of the most used and popular is the email service, Gmail. And it is that rare is the person who nowadays does not have an email account. However, the fact that the way we communicate has changed over time has meant that Google has been adding new functions to its mail service.

We have seen how the online shopping giant has added the Chats and Rooms in the mail service recently, but the truth is that now you want to go a little further and now you are going to allow users can be called through Gmail. Everything indicates that Google intends to offer a service as complete as possible for communication between people in different areas.

Call your contacts from Gmail

In this way, while we use Gmail as a mail manager, we can directly call that person who just wrote to us if we want to solve a query in a way faster or personal, and all this without having to leave Gmail. And it is that nowadays, we have become badly accustomed to making use of certain messaging applications in which we expect an almost immediate response to our messages, something that differs greatly from the use of email.

However, the truth is that Google has quite easy to integrate this function in Gmail, since it has Meet, the service designed to make videoconferences easily from any browser or directly from your mobile. Therefore, calls that we will make through Gmail will be thanks to the integration with Google Meet.

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With this, what Google wants is to offer a perfect communication experience from its mail service, being able to initiate a call or video call with one or more participants such as ideal complement for a meeting or chats. In this way, Gmail becomes a hybrid platform where users will be able to do a lot of things in addition to being their own email manager.

According to the leaked image, the new Gmail interface with all these integrated services looks more and more like a complete management and communication panel than what the mailbox of any manager supposes. However, the needs and way of communicating are changing and evolving and Google does not want to be left behind in this regard.


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