What’s new on Netflix! Discover the Argentine series El Reino

What's new on Netflix!  Discover the Argentine series El Reino

The long-awaited thriller of Netflix was created by Marcelo Pineyro and Claudia Piñeiro. The series tells the story of the pastor Emilio Vazquez Pena, candidate for vice president of Argentina, who lives a dramatic situation: his running mate is assassinated during the campaign closing ceremony. Then an opportunity arises for this man of faith, become the next president of the Nation.

The series stars Chino Darín, Nancy Dupláa, Joaquín Furriel, Peter Lanzani, Merecedes Morán and Diego Peretti. The program will have 8 episodes that will be released globally next August 13.

The Kingdom Comes to Netflix

“It was very enriching to see how each day the stories of the characters began to appear and come true thanks to these fantastic actors with a huge desire and enthusiasm to play these characters”, expressed Marcelo Pineyro. The co-creator of the show, Marcela Piñeiroadded: “We are extremely happy with the cast and the group that was formed is extraordinary.”

The kingdom tells how the lead pastor of the Church of Light, Emilio Vazquez Pena, interpreted by Diego Peretti, is tempted by politics and forms a presidential formula together with Armando Badajoz (Daniel Kuzniecka). Then, his partner is murdered and he is left with the decision to get involved in the world of power or return to his family and church.

The plot of The kingdom will introduce other characters. The wife of Emilio, the pastor Elena, interpreted by Mercedes moran, will distrust her husband’s hunger for power. Tadeo Vázquez (Peter Lanzani) He is the adopted son of the shepherds, a very spiritual man who does not know evil. Julio Clamens (Chinese Darín) He is a young lawyer who comes from a wealthy family and is Emilio’s right-hand man in politics.

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Other characters? Ruben Osorio Is interpreted by Joaquín Furriel. He is the campaign leader of Badajoz and has no scruples. Respond to the highest spheres of power. When your boss is killed you use your influence to help Emilio. Finally, Roberta Candia (Nancy Dupláa), She is the prosecutor in charge of the politician’s crime. An intelligent and responsible professional. Your investigation will be more difficult than you expected …

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