What’s next for Windows: Live commentary on Microsoft’s keynote about Windows 11

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella promises nothing less than the “biggest update of the decade”. And in fact, the first look at a leaked preliminary version of “Windows 11” shows significant changes, at least in the design. But what innovations can still be expected, what is the further schedule and what will happen to Windows 10? Hopefully Microsoft will answer these and other questions at today’s official launch of “What’s next for Windows”.

Watch the keynote with us from 5 p.m. and ask your questions in the YouTube chat. We give initial assessments and answer your questions. Volker Zota discusses the innovations and expectations of “Windows 11” with Floran Müssig and Gerald Himmelein.

You can follow the live commentary at the top of the post in our YouTube stream, the uncommented original live stream from Microsoft can be found on Microsoft’s event website.

A pre-release version was leaked last week. The most obvious changes to the “Next Generation Windows” are a centered task bar, rounded window corners and a start menu in the form of a window. Some innovations in Windows 11 are reminiscent of Windows 10X, the development of which Microsoft stopped just a few weeks ago.

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