What’s the story behind the ‘sad Keanu’ meme? The actor himself explains it

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Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves never imagined that a photograph where he looks disheveled, sitting on a public bench looking at the ground and with a sandwich in his hand would become a popular meme on all social networks.

The snapshot taken by a paparazzi and now known as the ‘sad Keanu Reeves’ meme in a Google search results in nearly 43 million pages. After being popularized, many stories have been created around that image.

But the very protagonist of the tapes ‘John Wick’ and ‘The Matrix’, tired of the speculation, came forward to explain what happened that day when he decided to eat a sandwich on a bench in the public street.

I’m just eating a sandwich, man!“The actor said with a laugh on the famous program ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’. “I was hungry”, He explained about the photo taken in 2010.

Despite the short and forceful response, television host Stephen Colbert insisted: “So you weren’t sad?” To which Reeves limited: “I was thinking. Some things were happening to me”.

The ‘Sad Keanu’ meme has evolved and is now part of a comic strip. This was revealed by the actor himself, who is also a creator of comics, where he promoted ‘The Matrix Resurrections’, which opens in theaters in Peru on December 22.

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