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The MSCHF Microscopic Bag: A Curious Accessory Unveiling

MSCHF, the creative collective behind the Big Red Boots that made waves at New York Fashion Week, is back with another unconventional accessory. This time, they are thinking smaller – much smaller. Introducing the Microscopic Handbag, a miniature version of Louis Vuitton’s OnTheGo handbag. Measuring a mere 657 by 222 by 700 micrometers, it is smaller than a grain of sea salt and narrow enough to fit through the eye of a needle.

From a distance, the fluorescent green bag resembles a radioactive poppy seed or a pastry sprinkle fragment. Only when viewed under a microscope are the translucent handles and the iconic Louis Vuitton monogram visible. Unlike its practical counterparts, this bag is not meant for carrying groceries but rather serves as a brand symbol and a comment on the trend of shrinking luxury bags.

MSCHF Takes Miniaturization to the Extreme

In a statement, MSCHF proudly declares that the Microscopic Handbag is the pinnacle of handbag miniaturization. This exceptional accessory will be auctioned at Just Phriends, an event hosted by Sarah Andelman and Joopiter, former creative director of Colette and the auction house founded by Pharrell Williams. Interestingly, MSCHF did not seek permission to use the Louis Vuitton logo or design, adhering to their “apologize, don’t ask permission” approach.

Kevin Wiesner, creative director of MSCHF, revealed that Pharrell Williams, who currently serves as the men’s designer for Louis Vuitton, has an affinity for odd-sized objects. In line with this, the Microscopic Handbag was crafted as an unbelievably small bag for Pharrell. This eccentric creation is consistent with MSCHF’s history of utilizing parody and controversy to critique consumer culture.

The Growing Fascination with Handbag Sizes

When it comes to handbags, size certainly matters. The entertainment industry often portrays the extremes, with ridiculously oversized or unbelievably tiny bags making their way into the spotlight. While luxury bags are often cherished for their timeless appeal and potential value retention, new, trendy bags flood the market at a staggering pace.

MSCHF’s decision to create a microscopic bag reflects their observation of this phenomenon. It is a commentary on the ever-changing landscape of luxury handbags, where minimalistic offerings like Prada’s miniCleo and Bottega Veneta’s candy-sized Jodie bag coexist with playful designs like Puppets and Puppets cookie bag and Simone Rocha’s micro egg.

The Journey to Creating the Microscopic Handbag

MSCHF had been deliberating the concept of a miniature bag for quite some time when they discussed it with Sarah Andelman during a trip to Paris. Andelman was excited to offer something less ordinary in the auction space, stating that the popularity of Hermès bags had become too commonplace.

To bring their vision to life, MSCHF contacted various industrial manufacturers specializing in biotech, despite facing numerous rejections. Eventually, they found a manufacturer through a persuasive process. The bag was created using a two-photon polymerization technique, a form of 3D printing for microscopic objects, with resin as the material of choice.

An Auction and Display of Unconventional Artistry

After months of anticipation, the bag samples arrived, but due to their minuscule size, some were lost. However, at least one surviving bag will be displayed under a microscope during Paris Men’s Fashion Week. On June 19, the Microscopic Handbag will be auctioned online. Kevin Wiesner hopes that the buyer will appreciate this unique creation without treating it too reverently. Perhaps, someone may even indulge in the audacity to consume it.

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