WhatsApp already allows the transfer from iOS to Android in the new models.

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Switching your mobile is a very tedious process. YES, you are very excited about having a new terminal and more so if it is high-end. But of course, you have to count on the fact that you have to transfer all the data from one place to another, an important task especially if you also change the operating system. Luckily, there is an application that will respect all the data you have generated and that is WhatsApp with its transfer from iOS to Android.

Transferring your WhatsApp data to Android 12 will be much easier

It is a fact that in recent years software developers have sought a way for users to dispose of their data wherever they go. This is important if you work with files in the cloud, but it is also important when you change mobile. And there are many who make the decision to switch from one company to another and in this case we have good news for those who want keep your WhatsApp data when switching from iOS to Android.

As a curiosity, the firm that has enabled this function has not been Facebook itself, but it has been Google. In a recent post from the Mountain View firm we have seen that the company will allow its mobiles with Android 12 an improvement when it comes to passing data from an Apple terminal to one of the new ones from the android company.

This is how WhatsApp data is passed from iOS to Android

The first of the important points to transfer WhatsApp data from iOS to Android is to have the two terminals, but of the two the android has to be updated to version 12. That means that the firm’s phones, the Pixels, will be the first to receive this novelty. The other requirement is to connect the two terminals with a cable that has a one USB C end and a Lightning port on the other. Then you just have to scan the QR code with your mobile to guarantee the sending of data from one mobile to another.

All this procedure to send your WhatsApp chats from iOS to Android seems very tedious, but it has a reason and that is security. And it is that at the entrance of his blog confirm that they have worked to make this procedure as simple and safe as possible for users.


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