WhatsApp already tests the messages that automatically disappear from your chats

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Although it is a function of which the intentions of WhatsApp had been discovered for a long time to include it within the messaging app, with the arrival of the latest beta of the application it is possible to see the screen that will allow us to configure the time we want that it takes time to delete our messages in WhatsApp chats.

We have recently seen how the app included a function that allows you to automatically delete a photo once it has been viewed by the recipient. Well now what we can see in the new beta of WhatsApp, which has been released hours ago, is that we will be able to do something similar with the messages of our private chats.

After a while they will be automatically deleted

Specifically, it is a function that until now has been baptized with the name of disappearance mode. What it will allow us is to configure the time we want our messages to be available within the application. As can be seen in the filtered images, we will be able to indicate if we want the messages to be available for a period of 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days.

After that time, the messages from our private chats will be automatically deleted and they will no longer be visible in our chats. It is a kind of timer that we can activate or not, and that allows us to choose the duration of our messages.

Taking into account that it is a function that has to do with our privacy, WhatsApp has added it within the privacy settings of the application. Therefore, in order to activate it, we will have to go to the settings within the menu, select the option Account -> Privacy and then Disappearing mode or Disappearing messages.

By default everything indicates that the function will be deactivated, so we will have to go to this route to be able to activate it. There we can find the three options that we mentioned before, 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days. Just touch the one that seems appropriate and the function will be automatically activated. From that moment on, the messages from our private WhatsApp chats will disappear after the period of time that we have just configured.

To deactivate this function, we only have to go back to the indicated path within the configuration and mark the Off or Off option. This timer that automatically deletes WhatsApp messages after a certain time only applies to individual chats and not to WhatsApp groups. Also, once it is applied, it will take effect on all of our private chats.


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