WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp: 5 differences between both applications

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WhatsApp It is one of the applications that many like to use, but there are other people who also use WhatsApp Business not only to run your business, but to be able to chat with all your contacts or make some kind of video calls and calls.

While the first difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business It is found that the second is for companies or small businesses, this does not prevent you from communicating with whoever you want at any time. Here are 5 other things you might not know about the business app.

With WhatsApp Business you can program when a message is sent automatically in case a person writes a certain word. For example, if he says “thank you”, then the text you have prepared may be sent.

One of the things that you cannot do in normal WhatsApp is to publish your entire catalog of offers and products, different from WhatsApp Business. In it, even the person can know the price of each of the products.

In case they write you good morning, a predetermined message can be sent informing you that you cannot reply at that time and that they will contact you the next day. You can also indicate what your check-in and check-out time is.

Make payments and purchases online

In the coming months, online payments will arrive by WhatsApp from where you can send and transfer money to your liking, very similar to a Yape or Plin.

One of the things that many do not know is that WhatsApp Business has a different logo than traditional WhatsApp. In the first we have a large letter “B”, while in the second we have a telephone.

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