WhatsApp Business will improve its quick response system

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Meta has one of the best solutions for companies when it comes to contacting customers. It is about WhatsApp Business, which is able to connect you with the rest of the users who can be clients or become one very soon. But the users of an SME are interested in automating processes as much as possible, and that also includes contact with customers who are only looking for information. For all of them is the new shortcut dedicated to quick responses.

New shortcut for WhatsApp Business quick replies

One of the most interesting features of using WhatsApp is having a version dedicated to companies. The system helps users to contact companies in a much more efficient way and to see the catalog, among other things, much faster until it becomes a purchase.

But sometimes, everything can be even easier if possible and all with the help of a new shortcut for automatic responses. This will be very helpful for your configuration, which will not only be among the many options available in the application. According to what WABetaInfo in its lines, the feature is being tested on both iOS and Android, despite the fact that the capture they facilitate is taken from a phone with built-in iOS.

Now, the new functionality is based on providing a shortcut as simple as pressing a single key: la /. Users will only have to press and then select the phrase they want to launch to the company from all those offered in the list. This will help a lot so that the messages sent by users are better categorized and the responses are sent in a much faster and easier way.

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There is still a long way to go to have this new foundry, which is very simple and which will surely give a lot of fire to the newest entrepreneurs. In case you did not know, WhatsApp Business is free and has customization options at the company level to turn the Meta application into a new escape from which to reach all your customers.


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