WhatsApp: Decoding the Meaning of 45 and 47 Numbers

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WhatsApp Secret Codes: Decoding the Latest Viral Trend

WhatsApp has become more than just a platform for adolescents to talk about their daily lives or coordinate a school project, it’s now a hub for hidden messages. The latest trend involves the use of numbers that are used to represent secret phrases. For instance, “143” means “I Love You” where “1” is “I”, “4” is “Love” and “3” is “You”. Recently, numbers “45” and “47” have gone viral on WhatsApp leaving people confused. In this post, we will reveal what these two numbers signify.

What do “45” and “47” mean in WhatsApp?

The numbers “45” and “47” have left many people perplexed. If you have received these numbers from your child or a young person, don’t fret, it’s not something negative.
In the case of “47”, it simply means “Good morning”. Here, the “4” is “Good” and the “7” is “Morning”. While “45” means “Good night”. In this instance, the “4” is “Good” and the “5” is “Night”. It’s important to remember that the context of how the numbers are used will make a difference.

Other numbers used in WhatsApp

Are you still confused or afraid of misinterpreting messages? Here’s a complete list of codes used on WhatsApp and TikTok to help you out:

– 1437: This number combination means “I love you forever” where “1” means “I”, “4” means “Love”, “3” means “You” and “7” means “Forever”.
– 737: If you want to wish someone “Good night” use this code.
– 88: This is a Chinese code for “bye” (or “zai jian” in Mandarin).

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WhatsApp is always updating and adding new features, codes, and tools that can make your experience of sending and receiving messages, stickers, and multimedia content even more fun. Follow us on our social media platforms for more exciting news and WhatsApp tricks.

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