WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram have gone down globally; their services do not work

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Problems for three of the most used social networks in the world, since today around 5:30 p.m. their services have been altered. As we see on the Internet, many users are complaining that both WhatsApp like Facebook and Instagram have fallen, rather than a glance at websites such as Downdetector, responsible for scanning the operational functioning of networks, websites and apps such as WhatsApp or Pokémon GO, confirmed by showing a generalized fault, with disconnections, inability to upload photos, Stories, no newsfeed or timeline updates, etc.

WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram down

As we can see, the falls of Facebook and Instagram are located around the world, with problems on the East Coast of the United States as well as in Southeast Asia, Russia, throughout Europe and the United Kingdom. But the WhatsApp crash, which has escalated further, has been mostly focused on Europe, and in particular with a lot of virulence in Spain, Italy and the Netherlands.

According to reports from Down Detector, the services of the three applications are very unstable right now.Owned by Facebook, this makes us wonder again if we really the merger that Mark Zuckerberg has launched of his applications is a good idea, because if now they go down at the same time, when Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp share the same basic infrastructure of Facebook, what will happen when one fails?


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