WhatsApp: find out why this emoji’s head explodes

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WhatsApp He has designed emoticons as strange as the one with the stunned face (which is not a drunkard), the red or devil mask, the ogre, the alien, etc. One of the rarest emojis that many still do not know what it means despite having years of existence, is the face with the exploding head.Do you know what this icon really expresses? We will explain it below.

Nowadays, WhatsApp It has more than three thousand emoticons in the following categories: Emoticons and people, animals and nature, food and drinks, activities, trips and places, objects, symbols and finally flags, in the first of these sections the emoji of the exploding head, although you have the freedom to use it whenever you want, it is always important to know what it means so as not to confuse the other user with whom you are chatting.

This icon was created in 2017 and was baptized as a warhead. It is presented with a yellow face, surprised eyes and an open mouth, likewise, in the upper part of its head it is observed that there is a hole and from there an explosion comes out that forms a mushroom-shaped cloud, like when an atomic bomb is detonated.

What does it mean? according to the web portal , the emoji expresses shock, amazement and disbelief, however, you can also use it to replace the words “I can’t believe it” or “This will surprise you.”

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