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WhatsApp: how to activate the option ‘undo the sending of a status’ – MAG.

WhatsApp began the year 2021 with one of the worst crises that cost thousands of users, however, he knew how to solve it by creating new tools that offer more privacy and security to netizens, including: temporary messages, the option to see only once , fingerprint lock, multi-device mode, etc. This time, the green app has been testing a new function to quickly remove statuses that you have uploaded by mistake.

This is the ‘Undo the sending of a status’ tool, which is currently only available in beta version of WhatsApp For Android, this consists of quickly deleting a status (photo, video, text) that you have published, because as in Gmail you will have a certain amount of seconds to undo the publication without having to do it manually.

When you publish something, the following message “Status sent” will appear at the bottom and the option ‘Undo’ will appear at the bottom. When you press the latter, another notice will appear informing you that the status has been deleted.

Currently, to delete a photo that you have shared in the states of WhatsApp (stable version), you have to scroll to the status section and press the three horizontal dots (…) of your stories, then press for a few seconds the photo, video or text that you want to delete until it is shaded, finally touch on the icon of the trash can that is located on top.

Without a doubt, it is a rather long and tedious process to carry out, there is even a risk that other people have already seen your status or taken a screenshot of it.

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